How to wear palazzo pants

Flared pants called the Palazzo in the XX century conquered fashionistas from around the world. The Italian fashion designer Emilio Pucci tried to create something similar to a skirt on the floor, but much more convenient and practical.

Choosing a light fabric, flowing to the floor, and an unusual style with a high waist, the Italian managed to fundamentally change the then fashion. For example, Marlene Dietrich adored palazzo trousers so much that sometimes they simply jokingly called them Marlene. Floor length, wide leg and high waist - this is the formula for success.

This model of pants is really universal, as it can be worn both in cold winters and hot summers. You just need to choose the right fabric and material that will not cause discomfort and allow you to feel free regardless of the weather.

How the figure affects the selection of combinations

Body type

Consider what is best to choose a girl based on the type of figure.

An Apple

Ladies with unexpressed waist often try to “create” it with the help of clothes. The Palazzo can help if you choose a model with a high rise, additionally tucking a loose shirt over the belt of trousers with a wide belt .

However, if you are overweight in the abdomen, wear things in a layered fashion .


Pleats are your enemy, so wear pants with no pockets. So, your silhouette will become visually slimmer, thanks to the abundance of vertical lines.

Use a mid-rise model and combine it with sleeveless shirts to balance proportions.


Choose the freest models from a light, flowing fabric . Thus, you can not only emphasize the waist, but visually balance the massive shoulders. Combine them with blouses and crop tops.


Flared options are ideal for girls whose silhouette is not pronounced. Try to shift the emphasis and boldly choose almost any top .

Tip : short stature will not be your hindrance. Use heels or a platform: you will get an unusual look.

We start with the right palazzo

Combining a palazzo with other attributes, soberly evaluate the harmony of your figure and your own color type.


  • Overweight girls need to choose lightweight materials .
  • Thin - dense tweed for soft lines, emphasizing the overall silhouette.


  • Slightly low landing perfect for full girls.
  • Overpriced, on the contrary, will look good on slim ladies.

Tip. Prints and ornaments can ruin the overall proportion of the figure, so be careful when choosing a colorful fabric.

Shades and prints

  • With wide buds, try to forget about overly bright shades: choose something plain and bright . Do not be afraid to seem boring, because the original cut is able to bring the image to a completely different level.
  • Slender girls can try to wear models of trousers of deep and saturated colors: turquoise, emerald and even red . Also pay attention to ethnic prints and original ornaments with flowers.
  • But the cage and strip will suit full girls, as they visually stretch any figure.

We select combinations for the palazzo

Now let's figure out what to wear with these trendy trousers.

For the top

Blouses, tops, shirts, and other top options are best tucked into pants ; so you can perfectly emphasize the waist line without obscuring it.

Here are some unusual options for the top:

  • elongated jacket .
  • A knotted shirt (you can buy it or make it from the usual model).
  • Cropped blouse .
  • T-shirt .
  • Slim sweater or turtleneck.

Try to choose clothes without prints, as there is a risk of spoiling the finished outfit. Better focus on the bright bottom. Use the principle of minimalism, choosing the top . So, you will get the perfect tandem without additional accessories (although the necklace completes the look well).

How to choose the right shoes

The main rule of a stylish look with a palazzo is the correct choice of shoes. It must be comfortable.

  • Choose high heel shoes with bare toe only.
  • But a thin hairpin is not quite suitable, it will be too easy option
  • Better use a steady heel or wedge .
  • If you choose ballet shoes, be prepared for the fact that the lower part of the trousers will touch the ground.

Tip : try to buy a palazzo for a ready-made set of shoes.

Add accessories

It is also recommended to use the principle of minimalism . For example, a small clutch without decorations and some kind of tinsel will create sophisticated and strict notes without ruining anything.

When choosing any accessories, adhere to the principle of femininity, because initially the palazzo is a masculine thing. Light beads, chains, belts, earrings . Nothing big and bulky.

Makeup should not be made screaming . Focus on one thing : either eyes or lips. Only natural restrained colors will be preferable.

Create eye-catching palazzo looks

To the office, to a business meeting

Think of the classics: black bottom, white top . Instead of dark shades of the bottom, you can purchase trousers made of light natural fabric, such as linen.

An interesting option would be to choose a leopard-print shirt : you will get an unusually elegant outfit.

Tuck the shirt in and complement it with a thin leather strap .

Choose the low-key shoes: medium-heeled boats or ballet flats .

The handbag is just as simple, without finishes. But the hairstyle can be easy.

To walk

You can take a walk in the evening in burgundy trousers of the palazzo. If the weather allows, take a white top of a loose cut and a thin beige jacket . The combination of warm colors will be pleasing to the eye.

In the fall, remember tweed : a tight dark sweater and rough martin boots will fit such pants .

And try to diversify the ready-made kit with a bright strap or coral-colored ankle boots.

To the party

It is not difficult to create an evening look: combine your favorite trousers with an open crop top and an oversized jacket . To emphasize the silhouettes of the figure you will come out with a wide belt.

Insolence is your middle name? Then put on a colorful palazzo with a bright, flashy ornament . But then the shirt, then choose a calm, desirable white shade . You can tie it with a bow.

Tip : A set of golden bracelets is a great choice for a complementary accessory.

On a date

For a romantic date, use something feminine and enjoyable. Try combining silk or lace with high-rise pants . Classic navy blue high shoes and a small black handbag are perfect for them. Straighten your hair and put it back.

Useful Palazzo Combination Tips

  • Palazzo trousers will fit alongside at any time of the year, even with a voluminous down jacket. The main thing is to choose the right fabric.
  • To reduce the risk of choosing an unsuccessful image, get a one-color model. To diversify such an image is easy.
  • Wide leg pants look perfect with heels . However, some girls can be prevented by being too tall, be careful.
  • The width of the palazzo is important if you are overweight. Always balance the proportions, then even the flaws will turn into only pluses.