How to wear an oversized coat

With the advent of autumn, fashionistas actively pick up stylish outerwear and wardrobe items that combine with it. For girls who want to always be in trend, the question is relevant: what to wear an oversized coat with?

How to wear an oversized coat: pick a bow for all occasions

This fall, fashionistas can show their imagination and emphasize their individuality. Overseas fits perfectly with both trousers and skirts, and designers offer unexpected colors and cuts for this stylish wardrobe element.

Jeans - a universal option

Jeans are an element of the wardrobe that won the hearts of millions of people on our planet. This is a convenient thing that can be worn daily: to work, to the movies, to the park or to a picnic.

Popular fashionistas are:

  • skinny;
  • direct;
  • boyfriends;
  • torn;
  • shortened.

You can experiment with color. Jeans in restrained dark colors will harmoniously combine with a bright thumb, to the top of a saturated color it is better to choose bright saturated colors.

Oversized Coat Pants

To make the combination with trousers look stylish, you need to choose the right proportions. Wide trousers from flowing materials will look original, as well as classic straight and skinny tight pants.


You should not combine long oversize and flared trousers.

Can I wear a skirt and dress with an oversized coat?

An oversized coat in combination with a skirt or dress makes the image of a girl feminine. When choosing a skirt, you should give preference to a mini. If the outerwear is shortened, you can use the midi length. The hem should cover the flared skirt, and tights should be a dense texture.

On a note!

Pencil skirt is very popular.

When choosing a dress, consider the following models:

  • tight-fitting;
  • A-silhouette;
  • trapezoid;
  • case.

On a note!

Harmoniously look mini- and midi-models.

We select onions depending on the model

The oversize model can radically change the look of any young lady and help her emphasize her dignity. Slender girls will be able to highlight their miniature, and chubby girls will hide the flaws of the figure. When experimenting with color and style, you can feel like a doll or a bully.

How to wear an oversized short coat

Coats up to the knee and above are always relevant. The main rule in this combination is the length of the dress or skirt, which is located under the upper coat. Dresses and skirts should be hidden under outer clothing so that the bulb effect does not form.

A short oversize is perfect for the image of a business woman who combines strict trousers and pencil skirts, as well as pantsuits. This option is suitable for both office and city walks. A fashionable combination will be a combination with jeans.


For a spectacular look, it is better not to fasten short outerwear!

Sports style in cool weather looks good with a short oversize. Round off a small backpack and massive shoes.

How to wear an oversized long coat

The long one looks great with midi and maxi dresses. It is suitable for both girls and adult women. Military-style boots will complete the look.

Wearing a turtleneck or jeans under a coat is a great solution for a walk in the park or going to the movies. With this way, flat shoes will look at ease.

Elongated models

When combining with trousers, do not give preference to flared models. This image is suitable for both going to work and shopping.


The combination of shorts and a coat must be complemented by tight tights.

Using neckerchiefs and all kinds of scarves will make the image original and unique. Choosing an accessory around the neck, you can play in contrast and choose a scarf that is radically different from the main element of the image in color.

Building an image with one of the trendy colors of 2018

Most of the fair sex prefer restrained and classic colors of outerwear. Choosing bright and unexpected colors, girls emphasize their imagination and originality.

How to wear a black oversized coat

A black coat is a discreet wardrobe item that goes well with a sheath dress in a contrasting color, white or green.

Black color - versatile and combines well with any shades and styles. Black oversized look will complement sneakers or shoes in tone, black or dark shades.

How to wear an oversized burgundy coat

The burgundy color goes well with milky shades and black colors. A black turtleneck or dress is perfect for the afternoon.

You can combine burgundy with light colors, white or cream, as well as bright. Scarves and shawls with a metallic sheen will help to dilute the restrained image.

How to wear a pink oversized coat

Pink is associated with blondes in many. Recently, modern women began to acquire more outerwear in pink colors, as this color surprises with a variety of shades.

When combining pink oversize, it's important not to overdo it with bright colors. Jeans or straight pants will be a great option.

When choosing a pink coat, do not give preference to a large number of decorative finishes on it. Giving priority to simple styles, you get more options for combining it with red, blue, white, brown, yellow and orange.


A pink coat does not match bright makeup.

What shoes to wear with an oversized coat?

The choice of shoes depends on the length of outerwear:

  • A pair of cropped trousers or high boots will complete the look.
  • Elongated harmoniously combined with shoes with massive heels or wedges. Such shoes will visually lengthen the legs and add sophistication to the silhouette.


With an elongated coat, do not combine shoes with low soles and high shins.

  • A coat to the knees or lower should be combined with sneakers or boots.


A hairpin is categorically contraindicated for combination with an oversized coat.

As for the material from which the shoes are made, these are:

  • leather;
  • suede;
  • nubuck.

Oversized autumn bow with coat: photo ideas

Oversized coat - stylish and fashionable outerwear, suitable for every fashionista. It perfectly emphasizes the advantages and hides the disadvantages. It can be combined with many accessories and create various images.

It is suitable both for mature ladies and young girls, both for eccentric students, and for serious business ladies, as well as for pregnant women.

Modern designers sew unexpected oversize options, thereby providing the beautiful half of humanity with the opportunity to express individuality of fantasy, which you can see in our photo gallery.