How to wear multiple rings on one finger?

More recently, it was considered a sign of bad taste to put several rings on one finger. In recent years, the situation has changed markedly. Many modern women prefer to wear several rings on one finger. As practice shows, sometimes with a successful combination of this kind of jewelry it is possible to achieve interesting combinations.

How to wear several rings on one finger correctly and beautifully?

It is recommended to take into account that several jewelry items on one finger often turn out to be a good option, but they can also significantly weigh the created image if it is repeated on several fingers.

Reference! As far back as the 17th century, noble ladies often put several jewelry on their fingers. It was believed that this emphasizes wealth and prosperity.

The combination of different decorations on your finger will help you not to lose them if you have recently lost weight, and many accessories have become great for you . By combining them with products of a smaller diameter, you can not worry that your favorite jewelry will be lost. First you need to put on a larger ring, and then fix it with a narrower ring.

Basic Rules

So that the combination of several jewelry does not produce the impression of a messy and tasteless piling up, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. All used accessories must certainly be combined with each other and in harmony with the style in which the image is sustained. Gothic jewelry does not combine with the classic options, but they are perfect for vintage ones.
  2. If you prefer to wear items decorated with large stones, then such a ring should be on your hand only one. All others will complement it.
  3. When choosing to wear several jewelry on one finger, it must be borne in mind that this will draw attention to the hands as much as possible, therefore, a manicure should be perfect.

Advice! Creative ladies and women of fashion who seek to attract maximum attention can, if desired, wear one piece of jewelry on all fingers, and add one or two smaller items.

Fashion trends

Several rings are recommended to be worn solely on one finger. The middle and nameless ones are best suited for this purpose, but if this is not enough, you can put on another piece of jewelry on the other finger. A simple and at the same time original solution - single rings, creating the illusion of several.

Advice! Experiment with different shapes and designs. The combination of tight horizontal jewelry with vertically hanging pendants will help maintain the visual lightness of the hand, even if there is an abundance of jewelry on it.

The ability to beautifully combine products of different styles comes with time. To a certain extent, this is real art. The main thing is to find original and stylish combinations during the experiments . You need to audit your jewelry. For some, you can pick up new models, in combination with which these rings form an ideal pair.

Recommendations of stylists how to wear rings beautifully

Stylists and experts who adhere to conservative views recommend that you follow the rules that have been tested by time and avoid excesses in jewelry .

You can wear five to seven thin rings of similar design, so that strung on one finger, they create the effect of one long ring. It is recommended to combine two or three shades of precious metals and stones.

In recent years, fashionistas have increasingly listened to the advice of popular bloggers than the recommendations of stylists. Fashion is now characterized by maximum democracy, and many popular designers commit insanity, and the crowd eagerly supports them.

Quite often, one can observe collections of strange and ugly clothes and accessories. Against the backdrop of such frenzy, several rings on the ring finger look like a modest and minimalistic decoration.

Jewelry of this kind is used to give expressiveness to the image. Do not be afraid to experiment, combine several different rings on one finger, fasten them together if you wish. Show maximum imagination and the result will certainly delight you.