How to wear a monki puffer jacket

The unusual popularity acquired by the puffer jackets allowed them to squeeze out traditional fur coats, coats and sheepskin coats. Modern models are no longer shapeless and monotonous, which allowed to rehabilitate this option of outerwear and make it the subject of unprecedented interest of designers and stylists. Familiarity with the information presented in the article will allow you to create beautiful and fashionable images with monki puffer jackets.

What is monki jacket

Monkie jackets are actual and stylish models that will easily and harmoniously fit into the wardrobe of every fashionista, will make winter and spring looks bright and memorable. Founded in 2006, the Swedish brand Monki is known for combining Scandinavian chic and Asian street style in its collections.

The most fashionable models of monki puffer jackets

The cold season will not be an occasion to abandon fashionable and beautiful images if you choose the right outerwear. A win-win will be an option that, in addition to comfort and warmth, will guarantee a modern and relevant appearance. A diverse range of monki outerwear fully meets these requirements.

Below are the most fashionable monki puffer jacket models that match the trends of the new season.

  • Glossy and brilliant textures continue to be one of the main trends. For those who do not have enough sun in winter, this is a great option to add shine on your own.

  • Fashionable and saturated color will perfectly dilute the basic wardrobe, adding brightness and color to the image. With him, even a simple combination of blue jeans and a white sweater will cease to seem ordinary.

  • The black color does not lose its relevance, which will not get bored in a few weeks and will make it easy to pick up scarves and hats.

  • The color-block style, without giving up its leading position among the trends of the new season, will be an ideal option for those who are tired of plain jackets.

  • In the new season, a wide variety of prints on outerwear are relevant.
  • Khaki in a winter wardrobe will be an excellent replacement for black. Being no less universal, khaki goes well with things of any style.
  • Elongated models will best provide comfort on cold days.

  • Models that remain minimalist remain popular in the new season. Such jackets will be a suitable solution for girls who prefer simplicity and oversized forms.

  • White color is still relevant for outerwear. Although not the most practical, but effective option, which can be combined with any shoes and accessories.

How to choose and what to wear

Given the wide and varied range of offered models of puffer jackets, when choosing it, it is initially important to decide on key issues:

  • the desired composition of the product (natural or synthetic);
  • acquisition goals (for sports, walking, recreation);
  • the presence or absence of a hood.

When choosing between a natural and synthetic composition, it should be borne in mind that natural fibers are warmer, but when wet they can lose their heat-insulating properties. Synthetic fibers are thicker and more resistant to moisture. In addition, due to its greater wear resistance, the service life of a synthetic model with proper care can be up to ten years, while a product made from natural fibers usually lasts about 5 years.

In addition, it is important to understand exactly where you plan to wear your chosen jacket. For models selected for recreation, sports or work, the requirements for styles and thickness will vary significantly. Lighter models will be a great option for sports, and walking around the city will require a warmer option.

Choosing between models with and without a hood, you should evaluate its need.

Typically, the hood of a jacket is convenient for protection from the wind and in cases when it rains or snows. However, models of jackets without a hood and with a high collar are currently no less popular and relevant, since they are easier to combine with various looks.

In order to choose a jacket that is fashionable and in line with modern trends, you need to consider the following tips:

  1. Avoid bright accessories, buttons and zippers, as this will instantly deprive the jacket model of relevance. In addition, it will be much more difficult to combine it with other things.
  2. An important detail is the stitching of the product. For girls with miniature growth, it is advisable not to choose a product with contrasting horizontal stitching and to avoid wide and large divisions, since they will make the figure squat and wider, and the growth is even smaller.
  3. Discard models with fur collars. High-quality and successful fur collars are quite rare. If the chosen option has exactly this, then, of course, an exception can be made. But in this case, you should carefully choose accessories so that the image does not turn out to be overweighted.
  4. We also advise you to abandon the elastic straps that pull the silhouette. Many women make a mistake by choosing narrower and fitted jackets, trying to compensate for the original massiveness of this garment. However, free models always look much more advantageous. In addition, as the latest shows and collections of world brands confirm, oversizing is one of the main trends of 2019.
  5. Pay attention to matte models. Puffed down jackets initially give volume to any figure. If it is necessary to visually stretch the growth and add harmony, a matte jacket will help to do this.

Properly selected outerwear should fit most of the existing wardrobe. Modern trends allow you to simulate stylish and comfortable sets with puffer jackets for every taste. However, in order for the selected images to look harmonious and stylish, it is necessary to take into account the basic requirements for a combination of clothing.

Key points and useful tips, as well as win-win and popular examples of fashionable images, below, will help to understand the question of what you can wear puffed jackets with.

Of course, the hypertrophied volume of the jacket adds massiveness to the image. However, this is one of the distinguishing qualities of this garment, which should not be tried to eliminate. In this case, it is important to simply find a way to balance the volumetric top in the image.

The most popular are the following methods:

  1. The combination of a puffer jacket with wide trousers and heavy boots will help to balance the proportions of the figure and make the image stylish and comfortable.
  2. The opposite approach will be a combination with tight-fitting trousers or skinny jeans. As accessories, you should choose neat shoes. Such images allow you to play in contrast, to focus on the current oversize.
  3. Skirt looks are no less popular. True, in this case, you should choose models without volumetric parts and pleating. The most advantageous combination will be skirts with cropped outerwear.

For those who want to create not just convenient and comfortable, but also truly relevant images, you should turn to the original options of things that stylists and designers offer:

  • Short puffed jackets with flared jeans;
  • Hoodies and biker boots as a combination to a long puffy jacket;
  • A medium-length jacket with a tight short sun skirt and jockey boots.

IMPORTANT: Since the puffer jacket in itself makes your look quite sporty, it is better to refuse other sports things, leaving them for trips out of town and outdoor recreation. Otherwise, your image runs the risk of being too simple and even inappropriate.

Special attention should be paid to the combination of colors . Original and stylish options can be monochrome images in which muffled and calm shades of things harmonize. However, for black models it is better to choose clothes of bright colors or with interesting prints. Otherwise, if the whole image is in black, there is a risk of getting lost on the background of a huge puffed jacket.

For girls with miniature growth when drawing images, it is important to consider that a long puffer jacket, the vertical lines of which visually stretch the growth, will be a better option. It is important to ensure that other items of clothing in the set are not bulky. Skinny jeans, trousers, mini skirts and midi will become successful combinations to such a jacket. When choosing shoes, it is better to stay on a stable heel or platform. The choice of short puffed jackets should be approached more carefully, giving preference to thinner models.

IMPORTANT: Do not forget that bags and accessories make the image complete.

Depending on the image being created, you can choose both a daily-rough bag and a more elegant model. Preference should be given to bags of a rigid form and a simple minimalist design, since the puffer jacket is already quite voluminous and soft. It is worth giving up on the active decor in the form of voluminous applications and rhinestone trim, as well as the combination of two glossy textures.

Successfully selected hats, scarves and will be a stylish conclusion to the whole image. Discreet accessories will make the image more calm and muted, and bright details will be able to support the fashionable game of shades and prints. With white and light outerwear, hats of saturated natural colors look good, for example, the shade of “Marsala”. It is important to remember that all selected colors should be in harmony with each other.