How to wear moccasins for men?

Soft soles, comfort and a variety of models are all moccasins. These are quite “capricious” shoes that need to be combined correctly. Even one wrong step can turn an image into a bad manners, especially when it comes to a masculine image. How to prevent this, you will learn in our article.

Rules for combining men's moccasins

These shoes are designed to be worn in everyday life. It goes well with T-shirts, shirts and check cowboys. Male celebrities love to wear them under casual trousers and chinos. Stylish moccasins will look in combination with classic jeans and shorts . Be sure to purchase linen under such shoes.

Important! But sportswear, business images and white socks are best avoided.

What style do they fit?

These shoes can rightly be called light and informal. But it does not apply to sports style. Most of all, it suits a casual look, but there are nuances here. Sweatshirts, puffer jackets are best avoided.

Such shoes can also be worn for work, but only with the purchase of a certain model, and it should be “restrained” in color. If you want to wear an expensive business suit or dress coat, then moccasins are not the best choice. And for the office it is better to buy loafers. This shoe resembles moccasins, but it comes in small heels.

With clothes from what fabric?

If you purchased a model with decorative laces, it is recommended to opt for linen trousers. You can combine them with chinos of lightweight fabric. If your tongue has pads, combine moccasins with denim clothing. If you have chosen classic jeans, be sure to tuck them. Cotton t-shirts are perfectly combined with any models. But here it is important to pay attention to the color of the moccasins.

With or without socks?

Many men prefer to wear moccasins with socks, since without them it is not so convenient to walk in shoes. But if you listen to the laws of fashion, then such a combination has long been a bad manners. They are most often worn on a bare foot, combined with light trousers, breeches or shorts. A prerequisite is an open ankle.

But there are cases when the presence of socks is appropriate:

  1. If it is inconspicuous tracks or sports models of socks.
  2. If there is a catchy print and bright colors. In this case, white is not allowed.
  3. The clothes are sewn of cotton or silk.

It is worth noting that the classic model of moccasins is leather . Due to this, the leg can breathe and not sweat much, so from a hygienic point of view, socks can be superfluous. If the foot sweats heavily in any shoe, you can use special sprays or talcum powder.

What to wear them with?

As already mentioned, moccasins should be worn with any items that go beyond sports or business style . But here there are several nuances:

  • if the moccasins are dark red in color, then wearing them with blue or black jeans is not recommended;
  • do not combine bright models of shoes with the same bright shorts or trousers, so as not to make the image too colorful;
  • if you are going to a party or a club, then beige is not the best choice.
  • it’s better not to buy black models at all.

Features of the combination of men's moccasins of different colors with clothes

Moccasins are rather “capricious” shoes, which are extremely important to combine correctly. Consider the principles of creating an ensemble with them:

  1. If you put on red shoes (while its color is rather muffled), then combine it with light jeans or beige trousers. It is better not to wear a T-shirt; take a closer look at polo shirts.
  2. Brown and beige colors are universal. They can be combined with any thing from the wardrobe. The shoes will look especially impressive with a bright T-shirt and jacket, which should not be too office and business.
  3. Blue color goes well with the bottom of the cage. You can choose any top, but be sure to blue or white.
  4. If you chose a white model, then shorts, jeans or trousers can be any. But the white top is required.
  5. Black color seems universal, but there are some nuances. It is recommended to combine such shoes with black jeans or trousers. But the top is best to choose, for example, yellow.
  6. Green moccasins require the same green trousers, but a muted color. It is recommended to wear a shirt with a light and short sleeve.