How to wear a long wool skirt in winter

The winter season always subconsciously pushes a woman to wrap herself up, and choose style and comfort between style and elegance. But there is one thing in the wardrobe that will combine warmth and feminine seduction - a long woolen skirt.

Not everyone dares to make such a purchase, believing that such a skirt has many features in combinations and model selection, but everything is much simpler.

What to wear with a long wool skirt?

You can definitely say that long skirts go to almost all women, and in the cold season they are also much warmer than in trousers. In addition, under the bottom you can put on warming underwear, which trousers will not allow - immediately add unnecessary centimeters in volume. And a long skirt is not so difficult to combine.

Top and outerwear

Once it turned out that the skirt warms no worse than trousers, so why not give preference to feminine clothes? Moreover, there are a lot of options for combining it:

  • thin knit sweater with a wide belt on the hips;
  • seasoned slim knit top or turtleneck. This option is suitable for owners of a thin waist;
  • a white oversized sweater in combination with a long black skirt or hoodie. The image is very bold, but interesting and attractive;
  • a shirt with a sweater or vest on top. A classic of a romantic or austere image.

It’s best if the top does not contain shuttlecocks, ruffles and other “lush” elements. The rest of the wool skirts go well with any winter clothing.

If a long skirt peeks out from under a long coat, this does not spoil the image, but an elegant skirt sticking out from under a long down jacket is a dubious decision. It’s better not to hide this elegant element at all - let the outerwear be up to the waist: a shortened fur coat, an insulated jacket or a medium-length coat.


The floor-length skirt allows for 2 types of shoes - either completely flat or with elegant heels. Army boots with corrugated soles or square heels will definitely not work. Wedge shoes with no heels, ankle boots, boots or over the knee boots - these are great combinations.

A long skirt and shoes with thin, high heels are very cool, but walking in such shoes in winter is difficult, and sometimes dangerous. In pursuit of style, do not forget about common sense!


When selecting accessories, one should be guided by the principle of “extremes” - the image should either not contain jewelry at all, or contain only large ones. So, over a strict turtleneck you can put on beautiful beads made of natural large stone. But if the image uses a hoodie or oversized sweater, the image is already filled with "large" things - you should be calmer with accessories.

Very welcome in the image of the belt. They can be wide, fixing the silhouette, or accent, thin, bright. Coarse scarves are also welcome.

Stylish skirts for the cold

The term "long sherts pulling skirt" is only a designation of length and material. Such skirts can easily be different in style. It is better to “walk” interesting and informal in festive, informal images. Laconic options are suitable for everyday office style. But each of the styles should correspond to the characteristics of the type and figure.

A long skirt is by no means suitable for wearing during slush. All style and combination lessons will be forgotten after just a few minutes on the street, when the hem of the skirt gets wet and ruins the look.

Pencil. This style provides for even product shapes and leg fit. However, this does not dictate strict requirements for the figure - the attractive tightness of the buttocks completely compensates for the excessive volume on the hips. Conservative, but such versatile, pencil skirts are suitable for almost everyone and almost for any occasion.

Mermaid (year) . It differs from the “pencil” in that instead of a flat bottom it starts to form a flare from the knees. Here you can beat the big hips - a flared bottom with pleasure will “dilute” the heavy top.

Trapezoid (a-line). This option has a narrow top that extends evenly downward. The style is suitable for women of any physique and growth, because visually it will stretch the growth and hide the imperfections of the legs. An ideal choice for everyday look - thin, feminine, comfortable.

Flare (sun) . Perhaps the most current model of the season is a flared skirt. Features of the style is that down the skirt is abundantly expanded, has many folds, sometimes made in the form of a pleat. This model allows almost any top - from a strict blouse to a voluminous sweater.

Tight models. Strong-fitting models are only suitable for owners of perfect shapes. But such skirts are fraught with a small danger: it will be extremely difficult to step over even a small curb or climb a ladder. Be sure to choose stretching models.

Trendy colors of winter 2019

Before chasing fashionable shades, you need to understand an important thing: there are fashionable shades of the season, and there are suitable shades for this or that clothing. For example, winter 2019 favors green and yellow juicy shades, but they do not look good on long woolen skirts.

Good, suitable colors for maxi, which correspond to the trend of the season 2019, can be denoted as follows:

  • deep burgundy;
  • red;
  • beige;
  • light pink;
  • blue.

Do not limit yourself to a plain bottom, winter models look great with prints - a cage, geometry, strip.

Cool images

The long skirt itself is a bright and bold detail of the image. When combining other things, you must immediately understand what will be the emphasis. It can be a bright top and a modest shade of a skirt, or a beautiful skirt of an original style and color, but with a calm top. Some interesting images.

A long skirt in winter is, of course, fashionable, beautiful, bright and bold. And do not assume that only young and slender girls can afford such an image. The rules for long skirts are not so complicated. And almost every wardrobe already has something with which you can combine it. Maybe it's time to get bolder?