How to wear a long skirt in the summer so as not to look like an old lady

In the summer, a wonderful maxi skirt should be in every woman’s wardrobe! This is not a joke, long skirts are back in fashion. Some ladies have an internal disagreement with this trend: they fear that a long skirt will add to their years, make them much older and even turn them into an old woman. We will tell you how to combine with a summer maxi skirt to look stylish, attractive and not at all old-fashioned.

Choose the top

A long summer skirt should be made of natural lightweight fabrics so that the girl can feel as free and light as possible. At the same time, summer models are often sewn quite voluminous, which allows you to move easily and gracefully.

In order not to miscalculate with the choice of outfit, you need to choose the right upper part of the image.

For a hot summer

You can provide comfort on a hot day! There are several options for the top.

Tank Tops and T-Shirts

This combination is most beneficial for slim girls with a pronounced waistline. To further highlight the wasp waist, you can tuck a t-shirt under the skirt and add a thin strap or wide belt to the set.

Crop top

Great for young and perky girls. Perfectly emphasizes the subtlety and grace of the figure.

Off Shoulder T-Shirts

In combination with a long skirt, the image is feminine and elegant, bewitching men's hearts.

On a cool day

If it gets colder, do not give up the skirt on the floor. But we choose a model from a denser fabric. For the top, you can wear what has already been indicated, with a mandatory addition for heat.

Jacket, jacket or jacket

It is better to choose shortened models . They elegantly emphasize the beauty of the image and highlight the waist line.

Turtlenecks, slim cardigan

Beautiful and concise turtlenecks will be a great addition to a summer long skirt. The main thing is to choose models of the simplest design possible without unnecessary details .

Shirts & Blouses

Business ladies fit blouses and shirts with various patterns. In this case, the shirt needs to be tucked in, and the skirt should be solid .

Important! The color of the top is chosen so that it creates a contrast with the skirt or is several shades lighter. Otherwise, there are no color restrictions.

In most cases, with maxi skirts you can make very attractive and successful sets without any extra effort. This is a universal thing that goes well with most items in the closet.

Shoes and accessories for a long summer skirt

Additions to creating an image are important.


Choosing shoes is easy enough.

Important! Stylists assure that the narrower and more elegant the skirt, the higher should be the heel of a woman’s shoes or sandals.

Otherwise, there are practically no restrictions.

  • Wide skirts can even be worn with sneakers or sneakers, but the image is very extravagant.
  • A light pleated model, which is the trend of this season, is not necessary to wear with high-heeled shoes . It can be supplemented with sophisticated ballet shoes or stylish sandals, as open and light as possible.

As a stylish accessory, voluminous scarves, hats and bracelets are suitable. They slightly draw attention from the heavy bottom of the image and balance the set, making it more attractive.


  • The bag can be of any size, from a small clutch to a huge bag. The main condition is that it should not be performed in a sports style . Only in this way will the image look attractive and beautiful.

  • Looks original, present in the image of a wide-brimmed hat . This set is very fond of many celebrities and has become a hit street fashion.

  • In addition to the specified details, volumetric jewelry will be very appropriate .

By choosing a long skirt to create a summer look, you can look elegant and free at the same time. With Maxi, you can create many attractive sets for every day that will surely attract the attention of others.