How to wear a long blue skirt

Blue color is associated in people with calm, harmony and balance. It resembles the sea and the light coolness from it. A long skirt in blue will attract attention to the girl. This is a universal clothing that is suitable for a business image, walking with friends and a special occasion.

It seems that blue is only suitable for the cold season. But depending on the chosen fabric, you can wear it in the summer. For summer dresses, chiffon, silk and thin dress materials are used. For a cool time, denim, velveteen, knitwear, suit fabric are suitable.

Direct models are suitable for girls with a pear figure. They emphasize the harmony of the legs, lengthen the figure and do not violate the proportions of the body. A skirt-sun will suit girls with any figure. Due to its cut, it does not add extra volume in the hips.

The Tatyanka model is characterized by folds in the waist area. Such a style should not be worn by a girl with wide hips. At the same time, tidiness in the belt will emphasize the waist of girls with a figure "rectangle".

What goes with a blue skirt

Here are some simple color matching guidelines:

  • Dark blue, deep and saturated color of the skirt is better to combine with things of other colors, but the same saturation. It can be emerald, mustard or marsala. If you do not want a rich image, pick up the light shades of these colors (turquoise, yellow, pink).
  • Bright blue color should remain in the image with an accent. If you are not sure that you can collect a vivid image, stop at pastel and muted colors. It can be dusty pink, beige, gray.
  • A skirt with a picture implies a plain top. Ideal if the top is blue or echoes the pattern.
  • Fabrics with a pattern are suitable for any blue color. A classic and successful combination is white polka dot fabric. A dark strip and a floral print will do.

How to choose the right shoes

Skirt - elegant and feminine clothes. Ankle boots, pumps, open sandals are best suited to it. But this does not cancel bold combinations with sneakers or loafers.

Closed shoes with a flat sole in combination with a skirt on the floor visually shorten the legs. Instead, sandals or low-heeled shoes are suitable. Do not shoe high-heeled shoes so that the hem does not accidentally catch on him.

Boots and ankle boots with skirts should be on a small heel . It is permissible to choose high boots that are hidden under clothes. But it should be feminine models, such as boots, boots, pipes and classic models with ankle to the knee.

Sneakers and sneakers will be appropriate to look with jeans or skirts with a straight cut.

To go to work, traditional boats or high-heeled shoes are suitable.

There are no strict recommendations for color. Dark or flesh-colored shoes are suitable for everyday and working looks. If you want to add zest, choose bright boats or sandals.

How to combine accessories under a long blue skirt

The accessories you choose should not overload the image.

  • For a dress in ethnic style, a wide-brimmed hat and beads are suitable.
  • It is better to complement the romantic image with laconic jewelry made of silver or gold. A fine thread beads and a bracelet will do.
  • Everyday bow with a straight skirt can be varied with large earrings or a necklace and a belt to match them.
  • In summer looks, one should not forget about straw hats and bags, sunglasses.
  • In the fall, the wide-brimmed felt hat and classic coat emphasize the elegant look.

When choosing a bag, it is advisable to follow the following rule. A bag of a rigid shape is selected for a free skirt, and a soft bag is acceptable for a straight cut. For an evening look, it is better to use a clutch with a thin strap.

How to pick up the top of a blue skirt

When combining skirts and tops, there is an important rule. For fluffy and voluminous skirts, an adjacent top is selected, and for straight ones - voluminous sweaters and blouses. If the bottom is with a print, then the top should be solid and vice versa.

When choosing a business image, stop at concise and simple models of skirts. Complement them with a plain blouse, a noodle turtleneck and a jacket. Instead of a jacket, an elongated vest is suitable.

An image in the style of “casual” will turn out if you dilute the strict image with a bright T-shirt and denim jacket. Another option is to fill one edge of the blouse at the waist. Instead of a blouse, a voluminous sweater is suitable. However, it does not have to end at the waist. If you have an elongated sweater, then just grab it with a thin strap.

If you have a loose cut skirt, then select a tight-fitting top. In some cases, shortened loose t-shirts look good, but they only work in summertime. Replace your usual blouse with a tight top, crop top or lace body. The last two options will make the image elegant, in which you can go to a party. Knit turtlenecks are suitable for the top. But you should not choose models from rough and dense material. A business image can be completed with a classic jacket to match the top.

A white blouse or t-shirt is considered ideal. If you are not ready to experiment with colors and textures, stop at first on white blouses.

Examples of stylish images with a blue skirt

For a casual casual getup, pair a direct denim skirt model with a white shirt. If you left work in an office attire, just change your shoes from high-heeled shoes to sneakers, and instead of a work bag, take a small soft clutch.

A solemn image will turn out in a combination of the saturated blue color of a skirt-sun and a laconic-cut top. A silk white blouse, a black body or a romantic beige blouse will do. It remains only to pick up boats and a small handbag.

An extravagant and bright outfit will turn out if you choose a skirt made of shiny fabric and complement it with a tone jacket.

In winter, wear a warm sweater and beige high boots. Do not be afraid to try combinations of different textures and fabrics.

Do not be afraid to try new combinations in clothes. Blue color will successfully fit into the wardrobe of any girl. And to increase confidence in the combination of colors, be inspired by fashion shows.