How to wear khaki boots?

Boots in khaki are not the most popular option among women, but those fashionistas who dare to wear them attract attention and look great in their image. In itself, this color is quite muffled, so it combines with many wardrobe items. However, girls should know with what kind of clothes such boots look the most advantageous.

A little bit about the rules for combining khaki boots with other clothes

To create a successful ensemble, do not forget about several important points:

  • The color scheme of the appearance can be completely diverse. The best option is to combine bright boots with more basic things in beige, brown, black, gray, white . For brighter colors, give preference to wine, brick, red, blue, purple. Such combinations look incredibly stylish and juicy;
  • it’s not necessary to choose a bag that matches the color of the shoe. This rule is a thing of the past. Choose a bag of your favorite color and shape;
  • Khaki-colored boots look good with striped items, floral and camouflage prints.

What style is this shoe suitable for?

Shoes in khaki can be entered in many directions of style:

  • classical. Stocking boots or ankle boots in this shade will become a wonderful element in a strict way in basic shades;
  • casual. You can wear them even with jeans, even with leggings or a dress. The main thing is that there are no conflicting color combinations;
  • military. Its basis is all shades of green, so you can easily fit the appropriate shoes into a look in the military theme. It will be very interesting if the shoes match the main wardrobe in color or are a little darker;
  • safari. The perfect combination for this style is a beige dress and khaki boots.

What can you combine them with?

Creating a combination with boots in a khaki shade is easier than it seems at first glance. They are combined with almost any women's outerwear: with a coat or trench coat, leather jacket, down jacket and denim jacket.

It is very convenient to fill them in tight jeans or trousers, as well as wear over tights with a fashionable midi skirt or dress. Pay attention to the elongated vest that is relevant for this season: it looks cool as a dress with elongated green over the knee boots.

Top 5 Stylish Women's Looks with Khaki Boots

We bring to your attention several fashionable combinations:

  1. Khaki boots are paired with skinny black leggings, a gray sweater, and a beige raincoat or trench coat. You can complement the outfit with a hat in a burgundy or purple hue;
  2. To create a feminine look, green ankle boots are combined with a burgundy skirt or midi dress;
  3. put on cowboy boots with blue or gray jeans, a green sweater, and a brown leather backpack behind your back;
  4. in spring or autumn day, a beige or khaki parka, high rubber boots of the corresponding shade, warm knitted beanie and a capacious bag-bag will be a perfect combination;
  5. To create a rocker look, a combination of low boots with a stable heel in khaki and black or beige leather jackets is suitable. On a cool day, wrap a fashionable voluminous scarf with a contemporary print around your neck.