How to wear joggers

Joggers are comfortable pants with an elastic band along the edge of the legs. The style was originally sports, but now it is possible to combine it with almost anything. The main thing is to do it right. In this article, we will reveal the basic rules of combination.

For lovers of comfort and lightness, joggers are the best choice. Over the past few years, their popularity has increased significantly. Modern designers are actively using this prototype to create new models. Therefore, now joggers can be worn not only in the gym or on a run: their versatility is almost equivalent to jeans.

It is IMPORTANT to take into account the general style so that the trousers do not knock out of it, but fit correctly.

Both men and women wear the model. The choice of style depends on the purpose of the outfit.



No one forbids the use of these trousers for their original purpose: for sports. They provide convenience, lightness and comfort, do not constrain movement, and allow you to move freely. For gym classes or jogging - ideal. When selecting the remaining elements, be guided by the principle of sports style - convenience. Combine joggers with plain t-shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatshirts or hoodies. Give preference to high-quality natural materials. From shoes: sneakers, sneakers. The set is as simple as possible, providing comfort. REFERENCE Light shades will be most profitable. This is not a mandatory rule, be guided by your preferences.

Daily routine

Features: versatility and practicality. In the warm season, combined with T-shirts and short-sleeved shirts. The colder ones are complemented by sweaters, jumpers, cardigans or jackets. Shoes: sports-style options (sneakers, sneakers). Classic shoes should not be combined. Of the accessories fit sunglasses, caps, hats. They combine perfectly with the product, giving the image a more youthful and modern look. Colors: there are no restrictions, both calm light shades and catchy contrasting ones are used. It is better to give preference to muted and pastel tones: beige, light blue, white.

Business dress code

Traditionally, joggers are not suitable for office wardrobe. But if you are not afraid of experimentation and have a good taste - try it. It is better to choose dark monochrome shades, then the pants will look like more classic jeans. The shirt should be classic and plain, with a long sleeve. It is better to refuse bright prints and patterns. IMPORTANT joggers do not imply the use of a belt, so you should not refill your shirt. Pants are combined with a jacket: the best thing would be an unfastened product. From shoes: loafers, broggs or classic sneakers. Color scheme: choose the standard colors for the business dress code to achieve balance. Pants and a jacket are dark (black, brown), a shirt is light (preferably white). For shoes, any shades are suitable. Accessories: scarves, watches.


The fairer sex also combine joggers with various clothes. It is important to pay attention to shoes.


  • products made of thick and warm material (light wool, thick knitwear) are combined with a shirt or blouse, which is caught by a wide belt. A turtleneck or sweater with a long sleeve in combination with an interesting blazer will create an image in the style of smart casual. Shoes: with high stable heels, boats or battalions;
  • for the image in the style of street casual: khaki pants sewn from dense material, combined with a tank top and a loose shirt. From shoes: slip-ons;
  • sports style: hoodie, sweatshirt or bomber jacket, under them - a t-shirt. Complement with sneakers or sneakers;
  • for a more glamorous style: silk pants and an open tank top / top;
  • accessories are better to choose catchy: high-heeled shoes, a bright clutch or a silver bag;
  • to create an image in an unusual boho-chic style, complement it with a cloak with an ethnic pattern and rough boots;
  • female models have much more variations: classic, thin silk, tight, wide, denim. There are unusual patterns with sequins and rhinestones. The rules for their use are less stringent;
  • for going to the office, a product made of thick fabric in combination with a jumper, pullover, cardigan or jacket is suitable.


  1. Men combine with classic wardrobe elements and put on in the office only in case of complete confidence. To create a stylish look, it is better not to use pants of a sports cut, not to turn casual clothes into a tracksuit. The model assumes only a partial introduction of this style into the wardrobe, and not a full adherence to it.
  2. Female models allow the use of any shoe: from simple sneakers to stilettos. It should be selected depending on the style: sneakers and slip-ons - everyday use, high-heeled shoes - going to the club, to a party or a gala event. Do not combine with high boots. Even if the boot is wide enough. For winter use only boots, sneakers, or boots with a length not exceeding the mid-calf level.