How to wear high sneakers?

Modern people value convenience, comfort and practicality. In particular, this applies to clothing and shoes. Those who are used to spending their day quite actively will certainly appreciate the high sneakers with Velcro or wide lacing.

Such shoes will not only allow you to feel at ease and comfortable, but also stylishly complement the image.

Model Name - High-Tech

This type of sports shoe, similar to classic converse, has another name - high-tech, which came from the English word “hight”, which means “high” in translation. A distinctive feature of this shoe is that in such high sneakers, the ends of the laces are hidden inside so that they do not flutter in the wind and thereby interfere with movement.

Model history

High ankle in athletic shoes began to be used relatively recently. First of all, high-tech fans liked street sports. In these sneakers, it was very convenient to ride a skateboard. About two or three years ago, the fashion market for high sports shoes swept the world market.

Many boys and girls began to wear sports shoes with a high top, the main convenience of which was that it fully supported the foot, significantly reducing the likelihood of injury. Currently, not only young people wear such sneakers, they were also appreciated by people of a more mature age.

The benefits of high sneakers

The main positive qualities of shoes of this kind include the following:

  • convenience (the presence of softening pads, muscle support systems and embossed soles that provide stability to the legs);
  • universality (harmoniously combined with different types of clothes);
  • wear resistance (most modern models are made of durable polyurethane);
  • the opportunity to use at any time of the year.

Important! High-top sneakers should fit perfectly and sit comfortably on your foot.

Materials and current colors

Summer models are made mainly from textiles . Often, such shoes have a mesh surface to provide good ventilation in the hot months. High-top winter sneakers are additionally insulated with natural or faux fur.

Models for winter, as a rule, have non-slip soles. Such shoes can also be made of nubuck or suede, but such sneakers do not tolerate wet weather.

On cool rainy days it is better to choose leather models.

The most popular colors include white, black and red. In the hot months, you can prefer bright color summer models.

What should men and women wear high sneakers with?

Men can wear such shoes with cropped or narrowed trousers made of knitwear or cotton. Still high sneakers are well suited to pants with cuffs. In the latter case, the legs must be tucked into high-tech and release the tongue. Baggy pants with similar shoes are better not to combine. This visually aggravates the image and gives a clumsy and messy look.

Women are recommended to combine high-tops with leggings and leggings, as well as with pants that expand to the bottom. Or you can let a strip of leather mark the border between shoes and pants. This will visually make the figure proportional. A similar image is perfect for most of the fair sex. Very young fashionistas can experiment by putting on high sneakers with denim overalls, leggings or colored tights.

With jeans

Men are advised to wear this type of shoe with ripped jeans. As the top for such an image, depending on the season, you can use T-shirts, t-shirts, bomber jackets and coats. Since ripped jeans have a rather defiant look, it is best to choose clothes and shoes of neutral shades for them. To create a concise look, you should choose black or white sneakers.

Women are recommended to wear high sneakers with skinny jeans - this is a practical and versatile option. In this case, trousers should be tucked into sneakers.

Advice! Do not recommend wearing jeans with sneakers of the same color. In this case, the exception is only the classic black color.

Autumn models

A great masculine look with high-tech for cool weather: a dark gray knit cardigan and black jeans. In such an outfit it will be nice to go for a walk on a fine autumn day. Another stylish fall option is high top sneakers with a black leather jacket and ripped black skinny jeans.

The fair sex in autumn can wear such sneakers with leather leggings and a jacket. Harmoniously complement a similar image of a handbag on a long strap. Still models of such shoes, designed for cool weather, can be worn in combination with skinny jeans, a sweatshirt to match the shoes and cropped coat models. A backpack or a bright bag is well suited to such an image.

Fashionable and stylish in the fall will help to look like an image of trousers with a free cut, a warm parka, a light scarf and high-tech. This is a great option for every day. As the top in combination with such shoes, multi-colored down jackets also look pretty good.

Advice! Due to their massiveness, high-top sneakers will not suit girls of short stature, as they will provoke a visual disproportion of the figure.


Men who prefer casual style will surely appreciate the look of a yellow short-sleeved shirt and white velvet jeans in combination with high-tech. This is a great option for hot weather. In the summer, you can also wear high sneakers, stylishly combining them with a white sweatshirt and blue ripped denim shorts. A white tank, skinny blue jeans, and high-top sneakers are another great outfit for the summer.

Women can safely put on high sneakers with short skirts and dresses of medium length (for example, jeans). Very stylish similar shoes look in the summer and in combination with shorts. This will make the legs visually longer and slimmer. As the top you can use shirts, tops, polo shirts and knit t-shirts, as well as vests and sleeveless jackets. White high top sneakers with blue jeans and a white tank with a bright pattern will look good.

Since high-top sneakers in many stores are presented in two versions (off-season and warm), this allowed them to become truly universal shoes that can be worn from autumn to spring. Depending on the color and design, you can choose the right pair for almost any clothing. Shoes of this kind can harmoniously fit into most modern looks.