How to wear gray men's trousers

Gray shades are considered universal. It’s hard enough to miss and put on something that’s not consistent with them. Most often, the error lies not in the color palette, but in the pattern. Khokhloma motifs and Hawaiian shirts should be avoided if possible.


In addition to the many shades of the gray color itself, there is a whole list of suitable combinations for it.

Win-win options for combining with gray:

  • pale pink and gray pink;
  • river mother of pearl;
  • burgundy;
  • emerald;
  • light sand;
  • the black;
  • blue;
  • myrtle;
  • brown;
  • gray-beige (another name: soft stone);
  • ivory white.

Useful notes:

  • a gray cell on trousers requires a plain top;
  • with vertical stripes on the trousers, shirts and t-shirts look white, dark blue, black;
  • the lop-top is not always suitable for light gray pants, you need to be careful with such combinations.

Another risky option: the image, built only on gray tones. This looks especially unfortunate when several items are put on at once, different in shade and texture. It is better to dilute silver-steel looseness with a white shirt. It will turn out to soften the effect, and just removing his jacket or vest.

How to pick up the top

To begin with, it is worth clarifying what kind of gray is in question. Some of them are more conservative. Usually this can be said about very dark or too light shades. For pants of this type, it is better to choose a plain top.

Also, do not combine light gray trousers of a classic cut with voluminous white loose knit sweaters. With these pants will also look bad green, yellow, orange t-shirts and shirts. Instead, you should choose something burgundy, black or silver.

On a note! Fans of a sporty style should take a closer look at skin-tight white T-shirts with a u-neck.

How to choose shoes

First of all, look at the shoes of classic colors. Suitable colors:

  • steel shades;
  • brown;
  • the black;
  • white.

Blue sports shoes, as well as shoes in 2 classic colors, will look extravagant, but appropriate. For example, white-black or black-brown oxfords.

White sneakers are also acceptable. Moreover, this season they can be worn with jackets and trousers of strict silhouettes.

Materials are acceptable different. Suede, patent and matte leather will definitely look good.

Stylish looks

Checkered gray trousers and a white turtleneck are a cheesy classic. So dressed representatives of the English elite. The image can be supplemented with a cap (preferably in a cage, but gray is also suitable). Some men go further and put on suspenders (in a pattern they should be combined with pants). Instead of suspenders, a waistcoat is acceptable (experiment with fabric and wool options, with buttons fastened and solid).

Classic gray trousers, a white shirt, a jacket and a tank top are a strict and restrained option for business men. A worthy alternative to black suits.

Note! A red tie, blue or striped, will successfully fit into the last image.

A blue checked shirt and jeans with a tie of the same gray color. This bow came to us from America. You can beat him by adding a genuine leather belt and Texas boots (try trying on brown shoes).

A tight black or white golf sweater, white t-shirt with a jacket, burgundy pullover - traditional options. The shirt will also look good. The length of her sleeve is selected from the style of the trousers and the material from which they are sewn.

Of the accessories, a belt (preferably leather) will definitely look appropriate. Instead, you can wear braces.