How to wear fur boots

Girls strive for an attractive and elegant appearance, regardless of the weather outside the window. In the cold season, ankle boots with fur will be a winning option for shoes. Such products will transform any outfit, making it sophisticated and vibrant.

Fur trim booties: what to wear

Ankle boots with fur outward have become a real hit this season (photo). When choosing shoes, stylists strongly recommend staying on this style. They will become a competent and fashionable accessory in a classic or feminine style.

For a strict office dress code, a combination of a black pencil skirt with high waist and a white blouse with a voluminous long sleeve is suitable. Leather black boots with a steady heel with a small lapel in white or black fur will complement the outfit. For such shoes, a sheath dress in blue shades with a fitted jacket over it is also suitable.

Important! When choosing a dress or skirt, follow the style and length: give preference only to tight-fitting products with a knee length.

Heeled shoes are a must for a feminine look. A blue dress with a skirt and brown wedge ankle boots will make the right combination for a date or a romantic evening. The dress can be replaced with a similar sand-colored skirt and a light blouse.

For lovers of nightclubs and discos, products on a hairpin with fur, ranging from the ankle to the heel, are suitable. The bottom will be black skinny jeans, the top is a lace crop top and a straight knit black jacket with a 3/4 sleeve.

Reference! For evening dress, it is recommended to choose bright shoes. For example, black ankle boots with small inserts of red fur.

Casual style is the most popular among modern fashionistas. A beige short sleeve blouse and classic dark green shorts and brown fur and strap ankle boots will create a vibrant combination that every casual lover will appreciate.


Not every outerwear is suitable for shoes with fur inserts. The classic ensemble in the cold season will complement the black or white fur coat. In the autumn-spring period, a beige coat-coat is suitable for replacing a fur coat.

For a romantic look, a draped coat is also suitable. In this case, it is recommended to use a fitted product with a saturated blue tint.

For an evening or casual outfit, a drape coat of cocoon style. When going to a disco, you can use a product of their bright colors. For casual - gray, black or blue.


The final component of each outfit is accessories. When using this shoe, stylists advise to refrain from other additions with fur inserts.

The composition with a draped coat or a fur coat will complement the scarf-collar to match the shoes. For protection of handles leather or suede black gloves are suitable. Feminine style can be complemented with a voluminous knitted hat and a small handbag. For classics, it is better to use a capacious bag, which will be located on the arm. An evening look will complement a small bright clutch matching the fur on the shoes.

A crochet snood scarf and a shoulder bag will be a conclusion to a casual look .

Reference! Scarves knitted in large coats are in fashion.

Some tips

  1. When choosing a skirt or dress, stop at black tight tights. They will make the legs visually slimmer and add a couple of centimeters to the growth.
  2. To prevent the image from being overloaded, use accessories without fur inserts.
  3. For the classic style, you should choose shoes without the presence of additional accessories (straps, fringe, buttons). The fur is the main option for decoration.
  4. When combined with trousers or jeans, the trousers must be tucked inside the boot.


Bright and stylish appearance is important for every fashionista. Ankle boots with fur will be competent replenishment of the wardrobe. Using such shoes, any girl will look spectacular and original even in cold weather.