How to wear an extra long vest?

The vest is considered practical clothing, but not in the off-season. On a very long hem, mud settles in the fall and spring. Keep this in mind if you intend to include the most current sleeveless jacket for the season.

How to combine an elongated vest in a wardrobe?

The answer depends on the physique and the cut of the tank top itself. It is also worth considering that some trends observed several years ago are no longer the norm. For example, today it is not customary to combine leather jackets and women's fur vests.

Who can, to whom is contraindicated?

Short girls should be careful at the stage of choice. The optimal solution: the hem of the vest falls below the buttocks, but does not reach the knee. If you wear something longer, the figure will visually become shorter and lose its proportions. How exactly it will change depends on the type of physique.

Models with rich finishes in the collar area are also not suitable for everyone. They should be avoided by women with broad shoulders. To conceal a similar feature of the body structure, vests with large pockets at the bottom are useful.

Full ladies should take things strictly their size . Overseas, as well as too narrow sleeveless jackets will visually add a few extra pounds. To avoid this effect in the hips, when trying on, pay attention to where the vest ends. If the hem breaks at the widest point of the foot, the model does not fit. It is worth looking for something longer or shorter.

There are no restrictions for tall slender girls. The only unfortunate image: a loose tightly fastened not fitted upper made of material that knows how to keep its shape. Wearing this, you will become like a case in which the arms and legs suddenly cut through.

Which fabric to choose a sleeveless jacket from?

The market presents models from the following materials:

  • natural linen;
  • woolen and half-woolen fabric;
  • natural cotton or cotton with elastane;
  • brocade;
  • jeans;
  • fur;
  • silk;
  • costume fabric;
  • suede;
  • gabardine.

There are also synthetic products, but you need to be careful with them. Due to their frequent contact with surrounding objects, their long skirts are highly electrified.

Openwork female models should be included in a separate category. Among them there are products created specifically for the beach. They are worn over a bathing suit. Shale or flip flops are walking on their feet. That's it, the image is complete. He does not need shorts or a skirt. In this case, the sleeveless jacket acts as both top and bottom.

What style to buy?

Common solutions:

  1. With a belt. They can be very long. The insulated sleeveless jacket looks like an sleeveless coat. She is at the height of fashion now.
  2. Straight. Now the stores are full of very bright models of this type. They are rarely worn buttoned up.
  3. Fitted. It fits the figure, emphasizes the bends. Standard length: to mid-thigh. It fits well with straight trousers, as well as high-heeled shoes and sandals.
  4. Trapezoidal cut (A-cut). Expands downward. It will help smooth the effect of broad shoulders or steep hips.

The most versatile is the straight cut. This cut is recommended for girls of different height, age and complexion.

What style is in fashion?

Sports enthusiasts should not give up elongated sleeveless jackets. It is only necessary to choose the correct length of the bottom. Also, this category of ladies should pay attention to inflated models. Most often, vests turn to girls who prefer casual style or classic. In these areas, most fashionable sleeveless jackets are sewn. Well, the basic office wardrobe should be equipped with models of neutral colors:

  • Navy blue;
  • beige;
  • white.

If the dress code allows, pay attention to the elongated sleeveless jackets of brown, steel and deep red. This season they are at the peak of fashion.

Which vest color is better?

Fill the wardrobe with clothes in red and burgundy. Black is also in fashion, just like many shades of blue. Of the light colors, gray is most preferred.

We combine the right women's sleeveless vest

Sleeveless jacket is often called a thing that goes with any outfit. In fact, its versatility is exaggerated. It is easy for an ordinary woman who does not have a figure to make a mistake.

With jeans

With this hem, both woolen models and elongated vests from materials that hold their shape well look interesting . You can also try to make a full denim kit. Wear a white t-shirt underneath. It is suitable for a black plain sleeveless jacket. In this image, jeans of dark shades will be appropriate.

For light models, buy a beige or white vest. This classic combination will be beaten by a dull blue T-shirt and cream boats with high heels.

With democratic jeans, bright sleeveless jackets also look. For example, burgundy, yellow and blue. In such a bow, shoes and upper can be in the same color scheme.

With leggings

Exaggerated vests fit perfectly with them. The proposed image can be supplemented with shoes on a flat or uniformly high sole.

With pants

Interesting solutions:

  1. Ideal bow for the summer: skinny or straight trousers, crop top or top bandeau and a non-buttoned elongated vest.
  2. Wear a classic sleeveless jacket, skinny trousers, a shirt for work (tuck into pants). Dress shoes will complement the look.
  3. For walks around the city on the first cool days, a set of a bright vest, a skinny jacket, long-sleeved sweaters (tuck into pants) and shoes of the lit type is suitable.
  4. In winter, put on a white turtleneck, warmed trousers without arrows and a wool sleeveless jacket.

With culottes

Models below the hips in combination with culottes are suitable only for tall, slender women . If you are one of them, try to wear this model of pants with a highly fitted vest.

With dress or skirt

Classic principle: the skirt should be longer or shorter than the sleeveless on the palm of the hand. The rule is violated everywhere by designers. They often make up sets of very short straight skirts and extra long vests.

Which shoes fit?

Build on the material, style and style of the vest. Otherwise, there are no restrictions. Both sneakers and high heeled boots are acceptable. And the former are even worn under sleeveless jackets of a classic cut (they simply complement the image with jeans or other informal clothes).

On a note! If you are not afraid of experiments, then you can try to combine a vest with sandals or shoes worn on socks. This is still relevant.

Accessories for a long vest

Women's fur vests are not as popular as 3-4 years ago, but some designers continue to include them in their collections. With such clothes, headphones and headbands look good. If you want to make the image less pretentious, then take a closer look at tight woolen hats and cap-type models. And do not forget to purchase long gloves. They not only complement the image, but also protect your hands from the weather.

For fabric vests of a direct silhouette, not according to the type of scattering, pick up a handbag on a belt. Ideal: medium-sized crossbody or saddle bag. You can complement the bow with sunglasses and a hat with wide brim. For example, weak or floppy. An alternative to them: Fedor.

If you need a roomy bag, then buy a bowler. Only more often carry it in your hands, and not on the bend of the elbow or on the belt.

On a note! If you want to emphasize the beauty and shape of your hands, wear a watch with a large dial. Just do not combine all the listed accessories in one bow. This is overkill.

Clutches and envelopes are more suitable for flyers, but with models that are fixed on the belt, you can try putting on a backpack or a bag-barrel. The last option should be carried in hands.

The top today has fur, pockets at the bottom of the vest and decorated collars. Jeans sleeveless jackets with embroidery on the back also look interesting.

Why not wear it?

  1. It’s definitely not worth carrying with small handbags with a short belt. Such models, on the one hand, fit snugly to the axillary zone, and on the other hand, fix the shoulder. Due to this combination, the widened vest will stray.
  2. When choosing a skirt, you should also be careful. Lush multilayer taffeta models are definitely inappropriate, but the ultra-short mini with an opaque vest looks interesting. Just do not fasten or tie the top.
  3. Evening dresses, by definition, are not suitable for vests. The only exception to this rule: sleeveless jackets made of very light, flying and transparent materials or made of non-fabric. However, these were more common in the 90s. Today, at the peak of fashion, products of an absolutely different type and cut.
  4. Also, do not wear outfits of the same length. Combinations win where the sleeveless hem and dresses end at different levels of the leg.

On a note! With romantic skirts, wear fitted vests on your belt. The same model is suitable for casual dresses and sundresses on the floor.

It is worth thinking twice before putting on sports pants with stripes under the elongated vests of a modern cut. It is extremely difficult to make a successful combination of these wardrobe items.

Creating an image for different seasons

Women's tank top is a stylish wardrobe detail. Consider the bows, which will be appropriate in the summer, winter, autumn, spring.

Summer bows

In hot weather, try wearing a vest with cropped shorts. It's okay that the sleeveless hem will end below. Just do not fasten the top, then no one will have the thought that someone forgot to put on the bottom. In this image, it is not necessary to adhere to the rule of unity of materials . Denim shorts are allowed to wear a fabric top. But in general, trying to make a costume is definitely worth it. To do this, buy a vest and shorts of the same color and texture.

Their unity can then be diluted with a contrasting T-shirt or T-shirt. Both plain versions and models with a pattern or large centered pattern will do. With textile shorts, it will also be interesting to look like a shirt (tuck in) or a light jacket.

You can go the other way and pick up the tone for tone. In this case, the bottom should be an absolutely different shade. Well, do not abandon the classic version: a plain white vest. It should be sewn from the following materials:

  • from dense linen (not from thin, it does not hold well and wrinkles strongly);
  • from very thin wool (do not be alarmed, this material is comfortable in the heat);
  • from costume fabric.

The result is a universal model that is equally suitable for office bows and everyday looks. It is combined with absolutely all types of materials, starting with jeans and ending with silk.

Note! Do not wear man-made vests in summer. You will sweat a lot in them.

What to combine with in the winter?

Puffy and fur vests look spectacular with jeans. The first can be combined with Bologna pants, you just need to choose the right model (maybe fitted with a belt). A hat with a pompom should be looked at on the head, and warm mittens on the hands.

Wear a burgundy loose vest, a white or cream turtleneck, and jeans for a movie or a walk. Make up the office kit from a black tank top, a blue shirt with a stand-up collar and classic trousers. A quilted tank top looks great in both business and casual style.

Spring and autumn

Take a look at sweaters, preferably plain ones. From above put on a sleeveless jacket from a thick fabric or a dutik.