How to wear eco-leather covers

Currently, the market is rich in all kinds of covers for cars, but the most popular are eco-leather covers.

They are not only available to many car owners at their price, but also make it possible to make the interior of the car solid and stylish.

At the same time, it is important to wear them correctly so that the new upholstery looks like a factory one.

Mount Features

For fastenings of eco-leather covers, they usually use a cord, Velcro, hooks, elastic, various latches, etc. When attaching a cover, you need to know the following:

  • In the process of putting the product on the seat, fasteners made of rubber bands with hooks can be advanced under the plastic decorative parts located on the side, using a thin wooden bar like a ruler for further threading them below.
  • It is important to know that the fastener must be done exactly at the location of the fastener, so when donning the product, it is necessary to apply force to tension it. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you can damage the car case.
  • When you put the cover on the back, squeeze the side of the support.
  • Be sure to fill the machined holes on the car seat under the plastic.
  • The cover on the headrest is stretched and fixed by tightening near the riser.

Shape Features

When buying car covers and putting them on, it is necessary to take into account the following features of the shape of the seats, which are due to:

  • Body type. For example, when sewing products for a sedan and a hatchback, different patterns are used. You can still put covers on the front seats from someone else’s body, but you will have to do undercuts for the rear ones, otherwise the car covers will not fit.
  • The passenger and driver seats are similar, but do not confuse the covers, the shapes of which are slightly different. They are distinguished by explosive seams, when put on, they should be from the side of the door, otherwise questions may arise with airbags. That is why a special label “AIRVAG” is sewn from the seam side.

Seat removal

Sometimes you can hear that changing car covers of some car models is possible without removing it. This opinion is refuted by the following arguments:

  1. Before putting on the product, it will be necessary to remove the plastic linings, which in the cabin will be difficult to do.
  2. In order to put on a eco-leather cover, you always have to turn the seat.
  3. At times, there simply will not be enough space in order to do the job efficiently.

Therefore, in order to avoid the above difficulties, it is recommended to put covers on previously removed seats, while it is desirable that there are assistants.

Dismantling the seats can be divided into the following stages:

  • start with the front seats;
  • move the chair to the end, unscrew the bolts on both sides;
  • extend the seat in the opposite direction and repeat the steps;
  • remove all the covers from the sides, for this, first pull out the plugs, then proceed to unscrew the bolts;
  • proceed to remove the cladding, for this purpose squeeze it with a screwdriver.

How to dress

The entire dressing process can be broken down as follows:

  1. You need to start from the front seats.
  2. Disassemble.
  3. Remove the headrest from the chair and cover it.
  4. First, a seat is put on. It is necessary to carefully spread eco-leather, only after that put the chair on the sidewall and fix the fasteners. It is important to pull this part of the chair very well, since this is where the main part of the load falls. With a slight tension, wrinkles and folds will form on the chair.
  5. For the case, if the fasteners are made from below, the upper part of the chair is worn as a sweater, but it is necessary to apply force, since the cut of the car seat is made exactly in size. Fasteners on the product, made on the back of the seat is less preferable for drivers, as it does not look so elegant.
  6. The bottom of the car seat is fixed under the chair, while it must be properly tightened.
  7. After the covers are put on, it is necessary to install the pads on the previous sections and return the chair to its place.
  8. Putting on an eco-leather car seat for the front and rear seats is identical.

Before installation, be sure to read the attached instructions. This will help to avoid mistakes and not overtighten the product.

The factory upholstery in the passenger compartment is subject to wear. Car seat covers made of eco-leather will help to protect the seats externally and significantly transform the car.

A major role in this is played by the correct placement of the cover. If this work is approached deliberately, then it will take a little time, and the result will please you and your loved ones.