How to wear a dress shirt

In this article, we will talk about one of the creations of the legendary Coco Chanel - a dress-shirt. This convenient and practical thing originated from a man’s shirt, improved with new details and is now one of the favorite styles of women.

What a shirt dress looks like

Distinctive features of this dress are:

  • buttons from the neck to the waist or along the entire length;
  • cuffs on sleeves;
  • collar;
  • loose fit;
  • fold on the back.

In simple words, it looks like an elongated men's shirt, only a female figure and beauty gives such a dress a very delicate and sophisticated look.

NOTE! A simple but at the same time stylish dress is famous for its versatility - it suits girls and women of absolutely any age and figure (the main thing is to choose a suitable style). Thanks to such qualities, this element of the wardrobe has long become an indispensable tool for modern ladies.

Overview of shirt dress models

Thanks to talented designers, this thing has long become not just a comfortable everyday outfit, but a feminine romantic bow. Let's talk about the most popular dress models in more detail.

Long is ideal for tall girls. It usually does not fasten completely; the skirt is wide or straight. A dress on the floor made of light light fabric will certainly attract admiring glances in the summer, and models made of more dense materials.

Straight cut is considered the most practical and popular style. This dress can be worn with a simple or complement the strap to emphasize the waist.

Fitted top and full skirt. This model is similar to a dress and looks elegant, so that it can be used in festive bows, complementing with accessories.

Popular this season are also considered:

  • beach
  • without sleeves;
  • with bare shoulders;
  • with a shuttlecock;
  • asymmetric;
  • denim.

As you can see, the variety of long shirts allows you to use them in many styles and in any weather.

How to wear a fashionable shirt dress 2018

Fashionistas from around the world have learned to combine the same dress with accessories and high-heeled shoes - for a romantic look, with comfortable shoes and a strap - for everyday wear, and the smartest ones wear short or asymmetric models with jeans and leggings. But the fashion does not stand still, and then we will talk about the rules for using a shirt dress this season.

How to wear a plain shirt dress

In a casual style. In summer, they simply put on comfortable sandals or sneakers to the light dress and add a pair of bracelets and sunglasses. To emphasize the figure, you can use contrasting straps. In the cold season, tights are put on to a long shirt (jeans can be worn on a short style) and comfortable boots. A coat, a warm scarf and a stylish hat complete the stylish look.

In a romantic style. For this case, the girls choose long models with a wide skirt, a-line or dresses, emphasizing the figure. Delicate shades and flowing fabrics will create an excellent romantic image. Heel shoes, a thin strap and a small handbag will complement such a bow.

In a business style. Not so long ago, business women began to wear dress-shirts for work. Most often this is a white, black or calm shades midi dress with a straight cut. In combination with boats, a small bag and a draped jacket, the outfit looks great.

Evening style . A white or bright dress with an interesting cut and trim is perfect for publication. Add some jewelry (earrings, necklaces, watches) and original shoes to get a great bow.

How to wear a check shirt dress

The cage is undoubtedly the trend of this season, and a loose dress of this color is used in both summer and winter outfits. In the cold season, checkered items are worn with warm tights or leggings and boots. When choosing outerwear for such a dress, stop at a leather jacket, a plain down jacket, cardigan or coat. In summer, a long check shirt is worn with sneakers, sandals and moccasins.

IMPORTANT! Do not forget that the checkered ornament itself is quite bright, so it is better to choose accessories and clothes to match one of the colors of the cage for such a dress and not overdo it with accessories.

What accessories can be used with a dress shirt

You can complete the image with:

  • belts (thin, rough, leather, contrasting or matching the dress);
  • points;
  • bags (size depends on the overall style of the dress);
  • hats or hats;
  • favorite jewelry (earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, watches and more).

The more interesting is the cut and coloring of the dress - the less accessories you need to use in creating the image.