How to wear a down jacket with a dress

In our country, a down jacket is the most popular outerwear in the autumn-winter period. However, do not wear it exclusively with trousers and jeans. Such clothes can be safely combined with feminine skirts and dresses, while looking very attractive. Moreover, in the last season, the layering of the image has become a real trend.

Down jacket with a dress

Some girls believe that putting on a down jacket on a dress is a bad manners. In reality, designers offer many options for images for every day, where stylish outerwear goes well with no less fashionable outfits. The main thing is that these things should be combined not only in color, but also in style and form. An important point is the correct selection of shoes for everyday bow.

Basic combination rules

Stylists recommend that women who can not imagine themselves without feminine outfits, follow the generally accepted rules for combining clothes. This will help to achieve the perfect combination of a stylish look and make the girl as attractive as possible:

  • we leave the sports style for the weekends (the choice should be on the simple and light style of outerwear, neutral shades, the absence of large decorative elements, patch pockets, rivets and other jewelry is welcomed);
  • short models are the best choice (for women who love business style and straight-cut midi outfits, you should pay attention to short models of down jackets such as jackets or a short coat, they look best with dresses, but at the same time ineffectively protect them from frosty air);
  • warm textured tights (you can not wear a thin capron in winter, it is harmful to health, you should give preference to warm, with a lot of den tights, preferably with a textured pattern);
  • outerwear should cover the hem of the dress (this is an ideal combination; for such a combination, it is better to choose long coat models so that they probably cover the product of any length);
  • the visibility of the dress is not more than 10 cm (if the dress is peeking out from under the down jacket, the fabric should be visible no more than 5-10 cm, then the product will not attract increased attention);
  • long down jacket with over-the-knee boots (an ideal version of the combination is an extended down jacket, covering the dress and high boots, the image turns out to be feminine and attractive).

Important! Pick up both products, sitting strictly on the figure. During the fitting, you should make sure that the down jacket effectively emphasizes all the advantages of the silhouette.

How to compose with other elements

Outerwear down is always stylish and comfortable. Women should choose different types of shoes to emphasize their beauty and personality even on the coldest days.

For example, classic down boots with a wide top to the middle of the calf will look great with a down jacket. If the street is warm, winter weather, low shoes or fashionable ankle boots are suitable. If you need to be outdoors for a long time in the cold, comfortable and warm ugg boots will be the best choice.

Tights should be selected in accordance with the chosen dress. Color and style should strictly correspond to the style of the outfit. Fashion designers advise choosing dense and textured products that will become a bright detail in the image.

Important! Thin nylon in winter is not appropriate. Do not risk your health for the sake of beauty.


The main mistake in choosing a down jacket for a dress is the discrepancy between its shape and color type of appearance. Outerwear should be selected in dark discreet shades to effectively emphasize the beauty of the image. Depending on the appearance, it is better to choose:

  • the black;
  • brown;
  • burgundy;
  • Navy blue;
  • dark green or other discreet tones.

It will be best if the down jacket completely covers the dress without leaving its hem visible. It is not allowed to wear short down jackets with long dresses on the floor, this is bad manners.

Stylish looks

The variety of models of down jackets in stores will make even an experienced fashionista confused. This season, fashion designers insist on overt femininity. Therefore, you should choose fitted models with a well-drawn silhouette that emphasizes the main advantages of the female body.

A black down jacket to the middle of the thigh in combination with a sheath dress that does not peek out from under the hem, as well as wide boots with small heels will be a great option for a casual or business look. Such a set is very convenient and attractive.

A red down jacket and a short fitted dress, hidden under outer clothing, are ideally combined with high over the knee boots. The “zest” is given to the image by the fur trim of the collar of the jacket.

A long down coat dress in combination with a midi outfit of various styles. This tandem looks spectacular with stylish ankle boots and discreet accessories. You can even create a classic evening look for publication.