How to wear a cropped jacket

Initially, a shortened jacket was considered an element of a classic, business style, but today, thanks to design approaches to using all kinds of materials and details, this element of clothing can be worn every day. It will be perfectly combined with a dress, a skirt and a top, jeans, shorts.

Important! The jacket should correspond to the image as a whole, if you put on shorts and sneakers, then the jacket should be sporty, without a peplum or ruffle and vice versa.

The best combination options for a casual look

For everyday look, you can use jackets of any color. Gentle colors will add femininity and softness to the image, and bright shades will perfectly dilute the everyday outfit and add a twist.

Combining a short jacket with jeans and a tunic, a dress-shirt or shorts and a top, you can create a stylish everyday outfit.

If the office dress code does not allow the use of bright colors, then feel free to wear a light-colored blouse or shirt and a pencil skirt or trousers. Get a strict but stylish outfit.

How to combine a short jacket with evening dress

The little black dress and jacket remain unchanged classics. It can be neutral, bright or with sparkles and sequins. Complement the image of heeled sandals and a clutch.

Solemn and elegant will look like a shiny jacket to match the dress of any length.

Jackets of white color add femininity, freshness and juiciness. Feel free to combine with any evening outfit.

Examples of concise images

Sets with a skirt: styles, length and colors, well combined with short jackets

Almost any skirt will look concise with a shortened jacket. A bright miniskirt will give an image of sexuality.

For a romantic date, you should wear a flared, long skirt of delicate or bright colors.

Pencil skirts of strict colors are suitable for work or study, combine a skirt with a shirt and a jacket with a long sleeve.

A memorable outfit will turn out if you combine a pencil skirt, a bright top and high-heeled shoes, complementing the image of a clutch bag, a choker and a watch.

How to choose the right dress for a cropped jacket

A denim jacket perfectly complements summer, light, flying dresses.

To dilute bright dresses, use the top of pastel shades, and for delicate colors, a dark or bright jacket is suitable.

How to combine trousers and jeans with short jackets

Dark, straight, classic jeans are combined with a dark jacket, if the jacket is black, then the jeans can be of any color.

A dark jacket, ripped jeans, a white T-shirt and high heel shoes will create a stylish and extraordinary image. Aviator glasses, a rough belt and a stylish handbag will complement the look.

Trousers can be of a classic cut, narrowed down or shortened.

Advice! If the top is flared, it is better to use skinny pants and jeans

The importance of the color scheme when creating an outfit with a shortened jacket.

The outfit assembled completely in one color scheme will look stylish.

When using achromatic combinations (black, white, gray) create a bright accent in the form of a jacket. Any bright shade is combined with basic colors.

Different tones of the same color are perfectly combined, for example, from pale pink to maroon.

If you are a brave person, then the combination with the use of contrast will not leave you unnoticed. For example, blue and orange

Advice! If you want the figure to look slimmer, then choose the bottom one or two tones darker than the top.

Do not be afraid of experiments!