How to wear coral pants?

Coral pants this season complement the fashionable image of any girl. Bright color perfectly emphasizes individual style. An important advantage is that this shade is suitable for young beauties and older women. How to combine trousers of this color with other clothes? What accessories to complement? What shoes to choose? We will answer these questions.

What styles are there?

There are many styles of women's trousers, and in coral color on the shelves of boutiques the following models are found:

  • afgani - thin baggy trousers with print and low armhole;
  • narrow tight pipes made of dense fabric;
  • flare - tight legs to the knee, and then diverging to the sides;
  • comfortable baggy cargo with many pockets;
  • tight leggings that perfectly emphasize the harmony of female legs;
  • trousers of a classic straight cut with an arrow, suitable for office and business meetings;
  • cotton chinos with no ankle length;
  • extended hips and ankle-fitting breeches;
  • skirt-trousers with the unusual name "palazzo".

What colors is combined with?

Here are some examples.

  1. The simplest, but at the same time winning option, is a combination of coral and white. This color scheme is suitable for walking, and for working in the office, and for special occasions. Coral + white - spring refreshing option.
  2. More refined and stylish is the coral shade in combination with black. It turns out a sort of diluted classic with a bright and fresh twist added to it.
  3. Another win-win option is gray + coral. Wearing a gray cardigan and bright-colored trousers will show others that you are in trend and follow fashion trends.
  4. An additional brightness will give a saturated blue color. For example, a cobalt-colored chiffon blouse and tight-fitting coral pants. You can complement the image with beautiful accessories.
  5. In summer, blue can be replaced with turquoise, ultramarine, sky blue or mint.
  6. Another good summer option is coral and yellow. It does not matter which of these shades is a priority.
  7. A beige blazer or blazer will perfectly complement coral capris or tight pants. A soft flesh-colored hue emphasizes the full brightness of the coral color.

Do not be afraid of experiments, and then you will create your own interesting gamut.

What style is suitable?

Most often, a coral shade is found in a casual urban style. It is also used in vintage and glamorous bows. Well-chosen colors will give the image an individuality and help create your own unique style. Despite the fact that the color of coral is inherent in urban everyday clothing, it is also found in office business style. Many tracksuits are made using a beautiful and bright shade.

Summer bows

It is difficult to imagine the summer image of a modern fashionista without a coral color in the wardrobe. Introducing fashionable summer bows with coral-colored trousers:

  • white chiffon blouse;
  • light gray fitted jacket;
  • a soft yellow office blouse with a collar and cuffs;
  • sky blue T-shirt on thin straps.

In addition, floral or geometric print blouses and tops are a good combination with coral trousers .

What to wear in the fall and spring?

In rainy and cloudy weather, the coral shade will bring new colors. Despite the fact that this color is considered summer, it is often found in the autumn-spring wardrobe. A good combination to a delicate color will be dark blue, black and bright brown. For example, pipe trousers and a denim jacket, baggy cargo and a leather jacket in brown-red tint, classic trousers with an arrow and a warm black pullover.

Winter combinations

Snowy frosty winter is not a reason to abandon bright colors in the wardrobe. Successful combinations:

  1. trousers + white down jacket with a trimmed fur hood;
  2. trousers + duffle coat of sand or beige color;
  3. trousers + leather jacket in dark blue or bamboo.

Shoes & Accessories

When composing a wardrobe, one should not forget about shoes and accessories that emphasize the color of the coral and give it even more brightness and eccentricity. A good summer option is light ballet shoes or moccasins of a gentle sandy tint. Bright blue high-heeled shoes are perfect for the office or business meeting. In cool and rainy weather, black ankle boots or graceful ankle boots will complement the trendy look. As winter shoes, focus on boots in rich brown and red shades.

The appearance in coral-colored trousers suggests that you are a bold and vibrant person, therefore accessories should be bold and catchy . A white hat with wide brim, a bright leather belt, a fashionable aquamarine clutch, beautiful fashion jewelry, a black umbrella-cane - this list goes on and on.

Remember that accessories should emphasize style, not drown it.

Top 5 Lucky Onions with Coral Pants

Introducing the Top 5 Good Bows:

  • pant pants + white lightweight T-shirt + sandals in blue and brown with high heels;
  • banana pants + a shirt of a muffled turquoise color + open heeled sandals and a clutch;
  • chinos + denim shirt + shoes of lemon shade + beige clutch;
  • chinos of muted coral color + nautical-style top + matching clutch to trousers + gray platform sandals;
  • trousers + a white blouse with a long sleeve + leopard ballet flats + a bag of a saturated brown color.