How to wear a clutch?

One of the main and beloved details of the women's wardrobe are handbags.

They perfectly complete any fashionable ensembles and contain essentials.

Usually, each girl has several products for all occasions, among which there is at least one clutch.

Let's try to figure out what is better to combine different models so that everything looks harmonious.

What is a clutch bag?

It's no secret that the right accessories play a big role in creating a fashionable look. According to stylists, at least one clutch bag must be present in the wardrobe of every fashionable woman. It is a compact, dense envelope.

A miniature product can be a great alternative to a bulky bag and contains all the necessary things like a smartphone and a bunch of keys.

Initially, small handbags served only as a striking addition to evening dresses . Over time, much has changed, now it is a more functional thing, which is widely used in everyday life.

A bit of history

The first copies were born at the end of the 16th century and were mainly used for storing money . Over time, noble ladies began to wear their perfumes and cosmetics in them. Of course, the storehouse of such sophisticated things could not have an unattractive appearance.

Ridikyuli made of expensive materials, generously decorated with gold and precious stones. At the turn of the XVIII-XIX centuries, clutches became incredibly popular, they were considered a sign of good taste.

Over time, small handbags began to lose their relevance, but in the XX century the legendary Chanel and Dior firmly established the position of this accessory. Since then, the clutch has not left the world catwalks. In addition, from evening ensembles, he smoothly moved into everyday fashionable images.

Basic style rules

Stylists call the clutch a universal accessory, one or another choice should depend only on the mood and fantasy of the fashionista. Do not be afraid of experiments, but at the same time, it is advisable to adhere to some general rules of harmonious combination:

Do not try to push the entire cosmetic bag or giant wallet into the reticule. Here should be only the most necessary: ​​a smartphone, credit card, a bunch of keys and your favorite lipstick with a mirror. A bloated product is a clear sign of bad taste.

Important! The clutch can be combined with almost any outfit, with the exception of sports items and clothing in ethnic style.

For heavily decorated outfits or things of a complex cut, it is recommended to choose modest handbags. This rule also works in reverse order - a striking detail will perfectly suit a laconic dress, which will complete the fashionable bow, becoming its bright accent.

Silver, gold and overly elegant items are exclusively suitable for the evening look.

In a business style, only classic models without unnecessary decor will be appropriate.

The handbag should fit well into the overall picture, while it is not necessary to choose an accessory of the same color with shoes.

Important! You need to wear a clutch only in the warm season, somewhere from April to mid-October - a small handbag will look bad with massive outerwear and boots. Flying dresses with classic pumps or sandals are another thing entirely.

As for the harmonious combinations of colors, it is better to give preference to handbags in classic black color, as they are perfect for any bow. Of course, no one forbids the use of accessories in saturated colors, only you need to ensure that everything is appropriate.

What to combine different models with?

Stylists call the clutch a universal accessory that fits almost any thing. But since the models themselves can significantly differ from each other, they should be worn with different outfits. Depending on the design, texture and method of decoration, they will be appropriate in many styles and situations.

Classic leather clutch

A classic leather clutch without unnecessary decor is a universal choice . It will suit both an exquisite dress and a formal suit for an official meeting.

The most winning option in this case is still business-style clothing : a fitted jacket, trousers or a pencil skirt.

Advice! Despite the general rules, designers allow you to combine a handbag made of genuine leather with outerwear - an exquisite coat or an elegant short fur coat.


To create clutches, noble fabrics (velvet or satin) are often chosen. Such accessories can well complement a casual or evening look, depending on your texture and decoration elements.

Advice! So, an elegant satin clutch is an actual choice for a festive event, and a velvet bag will be appropriate for going to the movies with friends.

With decor

Elegant models decorated with rhinestones or romantic bows will be a suitable choice for evening toilets.

As a rule, they have a miniature size and easily fit in one hand . At the same time, thanks to the rich decor, such a handbag can become a bright accent of a fashionable bow and attract the attention of others.


Fashionistas who are not afraid to experiment should pay attention to extravagant handbags. As a rule, they have an original form - can be made in the form of a book, slices of fruit or a flirty bow . Such non-standard models are suitable for a variety of images.

The main thing is to ensure that the bright detail harmoniously fits into the fashion ensemble.

Large clutch envelopes

The classic clutch has compact dimensions, but on sale you can find quite large models that look like a mail envelope.

Such an accessory will look good with the following combinations:

  • Everyday things (jeans, skirts - everything will depend on the imagination and mood of the fashionista).
  • Evening dresses.
  • Business style clothing (classic jacket, pencil skirt). By the way, this model is an excellent choice for work, it can even fit important documents.

Advice! For a festive event, it is recommended to choose brighter models of handbags. So, a golden clutch will be perfectly combined with a laconic black dress of a simple cut.


A separate group is made up of designer clutches. They can be decorated in the most incredible way and have an original shape.

At fashion shows you can find products in the form of bright flowers, animals, or gift boxes.

Of course, such a masterpiece of design thought needs to be combined with the appropriate outfit . It is also important to ensure that the excess of jewelry and details on the handbag does not add an image of vulgarity instead of elegance and chic.

Thus, a clutch bag is not just a handbag, it is also an important addition to a fashionable image that you need to choose based on the general style of clothing. A wide variety of models, shapes and sizes will allow each fashionista to easily find a spectacular and extravagant or universal option.