How to wear classic things and look stylish?

To look stylish and impressive, it is not necessary to follow all fashion trends. After all, each person is unique, and not everything that eminent fashion designers offer will be suitable for a particular girl (woman). You can have classic things and, following certain recommendations, always be in trend.

Recommendations for women to be fashionable in classic things

Classical-style things always remain fashionable, and their purchase is considered a profitable investment . Consider the main recommendations that will allow you to stay in the trend, even in classic things.

Knowing of limits

When creating an image, it is important to correctly combine clothes and accessories, while maintaining a sense of proportion. It should be understood that bows, which are considered fashionable, may not be suitable due to age restrictions. For example, a mature lady in a tight crop top with Mickey Mouse will look strange .

But the choice of elegant and classic clothing will minimize the risk of error.


Convenience is appreciated in clothing: it should not constrain movements and tightly fit the body. This is especially true for narrow pencil skirts. Many girls look spectacular in them , being shod in stilettos. However, you can forget about comfort in this case, so it is better to choose more comfortable shoes.

Skinny jeans should also fit perfectly. You should not choose too narrow models, as they can be extremely inconvenient.

Attention! Things must be selected depending on the season so that they are neither hot nor cold.

Successful combinations

Usually women know well which styles suit them . However, image makers recommend focusing on only one zone .

The following options are considered to be successful combinations:

  • A dress with voluminous sleeves looks much more spectacular if the hair is laid smoothly.
  • Short dresses are best worn with dense tights in bright colors, but older women should prefer neutral calm colors.
  • For extravagant and catchy clothes, it is better to choose ordinary shoes of a neutral shade and without decorations.
  • A fitted jacket, stilettos and a small clutch will always add elegance.

Focus on the merits of the figure

It is worth choosing things that fit perfectly on the figure and emphasize its merits.

Important! Even a non-standard figure with the right approach can be made attractive. So, it is better to hide the overweight and wide hips.

But a beautiful chest, on the contrary, can be emphasized with a deep neckline or tight-fitting turtleneck. Slim legs will make the skirt of a straight silhouette to the knee more visible.

Important! Harmonizes the proportions of the body with a knit jumper with a V-neck.

Belt or belt

The belt is one of the fashion accessories that can bring a twist to the image. Even the most ordinary belt will emphasize the waistline and focus on the hips .

It is fashionable to tie it on its side or as if it was remembered shortly before the release.


The classical style does not tolerate sloppiness: things should ideally fit the figure, and the hairstyle and makeup should be impeccable . Be sure to monitor the state of things: they must be clean and ironed .

Advice! Before washing, it is important to carefully read the manufacturer's label . The fabric softener will allow things to keep structure and form longer.

Crumpled clothes, with sticking threads or pet hair, cannot look elegant and expensive, even if they paid a lot of money. Simple appliances will help to put it in order - a roller with Velcro and a machine for cutting the spools. Items should be stored in a cool, regularly ventilated wardrobe.

Knitwear should not be hung on a coat hanger, as in this case it will quickly stretch and take on an unusable shape.

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To look elegant, it is better to give preference to expensive natural fabrics. Of course, quality fabrics are not cheap. However, there is always knitwear, denim, wool, cotton and silk. But the atlas, despite its spectacular appearance, is better not to use. This fabric wrinkles very quickly and loses its appeal.

Create your own style

You need to know fashion trends, but you should not chase after them. Fashion is changeable, and it is much more valuable to create your own unique style. First of all, it is necessary to form a basic wardrobe .

It should include a pencil skirt just below the knee, a light shirt, a shoulder strap, a classic black dress, jeans, a T-shirt and a fitted jacket.

High- quality shoes, a bag and a belt will help to emphasize . Many stylists recommend combining branded items with inexpensive clothes. This tricky trick will make you look stylish. For example, an expensive jacket can be combined with a simple shirt or t-shirt.

The choice of pastel colors in clothes

The choice of colors should be approached thoroughly. Things must necessarily match the complexion. Priority is best given to pastel colors. They look noble, elegant and expensive.

In addition, light colors refresh the skin and make the face more expressive.

White and black colors remain classics

Advice! It is better to refuse catchy shades, especially acid. Women after forty are better off not using yellow.

Minimum accessories

Classics involves restraint, modesty and elegance . Therefore, accessories should be kept to a minimum. Elegant suspension on a thin chain and small bracelets look harmonious.

But from volumetric necklaces and earrings with rhinestones will have to be abandoned. A good scarf or scarf, gloves, hat and bag will complement the image.

Create variety in clothes - easy

One of the useful abilities of women is the ability to correctly combine things with each other . So, having at the disposal of even a few things, you can create interesting bows.

Do not buy shapeless clothes

A win-win option would be a beautiful and elegant silhouette. Only a slight hint of a trend oversize is possible. It is better to refuse formless sweaters, wide trousers and voluminous down jackets . Things should be seasoned, without extra catchy elements.

Choose stylish classics

There are wardrobe items that have long become classics. These include a light coat fitted silhouette. Such a thing will be a worthy alternative to koha and will be indispensable in the offseason.

Stylish glasses, a belt, a bag will also help change the look.

Print Caution

Things with prints should be chosen especially carefully. In order not to be mistaken, it is better to give preference to plain products or a classic pattern: a cage, pea, strip and geometric shapes .

Animal print looks spectacular only on expensive fabrics. Middle-aged women are not recommended to wear children's prints with funny cartoon characters and cats.

With the help of classic things it is easy to create a stylish and effective image. To do this, it is not at all necessary to buy up new products from famous brands and spend large sums on clothes.