How to wear brown women's loafers

Properly selected shoes make the image complete. But what if the shoes are at the forefront. When she succumbed to emotions and bought a couple she liked, and when she came home she began to think - what to wear her with.

This may very well happen due to following fashion trends. Brown loafers are the double trend of 2019. The type of shoe itself has been popular for several years, and brown has become the trend of this season. All its shades are popular.

But only a few ideas come to mind when combining brown loafers with other clothes. If this is your situation, read on. You will learn what shades and styles of clothing combine brown loafers to get a harmonious and stylish look.

What are loafers, features and types

Loafers are low-leather leather or suede shoes with no laces. In the upper part there is a protruding tongue and a jumper on the rise of the foot. Their distinguishing feature is that on a hard sole there is always a wide, hard heel.

This pair of shoes is universal, they are worn with jeans, trousers, skirts and dresses. Suitable for everyday and business look. All types of loafers can have different soles - thin, tractor, with high heels or wedges.

IMPORTANT! Loafers are often confused with moccasins due to the presence of a high tongue and jumper. But with moccasins, the sole is soft and does not have an expressive heel.

Depending on the design, there are 6 types of loafers:

  • The penny jumper is in the shape of a diamond-shaped strap. According to legend, the cut-out was intended for storing a coin of 2 pennies so that a student or teacher living in a university galley could always make a phone call;
  • sleepers - a minimalist pair of shoes. They have a protruding tongue, but there is no more decor. In the 19th century, slippers were slippers for the nobility; Venetian - do not have a jumper and extra decor. A distinctive feature is the volumetric seam on the upper part of the shoe;
  • with a brush - they don’t have a jumper; instead, 2 brushes are sewn from the same material as the shoes;
  • with fringe - down from the lintel is a leather or suede fringe. Sometimes it starts at the base of the tongue, lasts until the middle of the sock. On some models, the sock is decorated with perforations or tassels;
  • with a buckle - on, or instead of a jumper on the shoe there is a metal buckle.

REFERENCE! Buckeye loafers were invented by Italians Gucci. In a men's wardrobe, they can be worn even with an official suit, despite the lack of laces.

How to wear women's brown loafers, options

Let's start with the color - brown, this is one of the 3 primary colors of loafers and the trend of this season. The versatility of brown allows you to combine it with any palette, but it looks more harmonious with the basic shades - white, black, gray. In addition, brown shoes are combined:

  • with golden and most orange hues;
  • with green, but not light green;
  • with all shades of brown - from beige to earthy;
  • with blue and denim.

Now it remains to find out the options for combining brown loafers with different types of clothes. Not every couple is suitable for a friendly party, or for office work.

REFERENCE! Initially, loafers were rough shoes for sailors. They got the name from the word loafer, which means a loafer. So called the sailors who, after the next voyage, led a wild life on land.

With pants

Brown shoes blend perfectly with black or white trousers, skinny trousers, and an open ankle. Wearing loafers with a blouse and trousers, you get an image for work. And replacing the blouse with a t-shirt and leather, you can go for a walk. The now popular palazzo pants or culottes will not work. But light skinny jeans or mom jeans are just that.

Brown color of any shade always harmoniously looks with denim. The main thing is that the trousers are narrowed and open the ankle, then the relief of the shoes will complement the minimalism of the trousers.

TIP! Blue shirt + gray jacket + jeans + brown loafers = look for work without a strict dress code. And if after work you need to take a walk with friends or go to the movies, just take off your jacket and loose your hair, if they were collected.

With skirts and dresses

Loafers are combined with skirts, if you follow 3 recommendations:

  • models close in design to men's shoes, combine with loose midi-length skirts;
  • A pencil skirt is combined with either a tractor sole or a heel. Flats or men's designs will not work;
  • with short skirts, combine any kind of loafers, except for men's-style shoes. Although no one will forbid you from this, and you can experiment.

With dresses, too, not everything is so scary. For evening outs, loafers are unlikely to work. But shoes with rough soles will perfectly fit the look with a delicate, flowing dress. Dresses of strict style and in restrained tones - black, blue, gray, will look with loafers in heels.

Business style

After the Gucci presentation in 1966, buckle loafers, they became an element of a business men's style. Over time, they got into the women's wardrobe and also complement the business image of the weaker sex just as well.

A priori business style provides basic, non-flashy colors and a minimum of prints. For a woman in a strict business dress, the best solution is heeled loafers without unnecessary decor. Frankly, the tractor sole, tassels and fringe are unacceptable. These nuances also apply to looks with trousers, shirts and strict blouses.