How to wear a brown turtleneck

Mankind is more and more interested in such a trend as fashion. Sometimes ideas about it can be very non-standard.

But now we will talk about a simple sense of style, which will be relevant and almost unchanged at all times.


A brown turtleneck is a versatile wardrobe item that you can wear for just about any occasion.

This type of clothing goes well with any bottom, whether it be a skirt, sundress, jeans or trousers.

A turtleneck (golf) is a plain knitwear made of elastic fabric with an extremely simple cut.

A mandatory element here are long tight sleeves and a long collar.

Types of Turtleneck

Fashion does not stand still and is constantly evolving. Ten years ago, there was only one type of turtleneck - classic, as provided in the description.

Today there is a great variety:

  • Turtleneck - for daily putting on or for sports purposes. It is made of thin and stretching fabric, very comfortable in that it does not come out from under the clothes.
  • A setochka - for an exit "to the light", on various actions. Sewn from a thin mesh fabric, often with patterns. Usually worn in combination with any large jewelry or dress.

But these are the species with the strongest differences from the classics. Basically, they now change the length of the sleeves, collar, type of fabric, cut, experiment with color and pattern, after which they give any name to such clothes. But, in fact, this is the same turtleneck, slightly modified.

How to wear a brown turtleneck in different styles?

It is worth noting that a turtleneck can be worn anywhere, it will suit any style. Let’s take a look at the example of brown golf - the color of warmth, rigor and elegance.

Urban style (casual)

Suitable for everyday use in combination with a classic coat or leather jacket.

Well suited to any bottom - to jeans or trousers.

Business (office) style

Brown golf is suitable for the office style in combination with dark skirts of medium length or classic narrow trousers. The jacket will also be appropriate.

Excessive rigor will help to dilute small jewelry: earrings, chains and bracelets.


Body-turtlenecks are suitable for such a style , a print, a pattern or the presence of a pattern is desirable if it is not very striking.

In combination with dark leggings or shorts, you will get an interesting sports or semi-sports style.


For a romantic get-together, brown golf is perfect for an evening gown or trousers in dark but warm colors.

The presence of jewelry on the body and hair will add femininity. But the most important thing is to choose the right color combination of clothes, this is the key to success.

Good looks with a brown turtleneck

Let's analyze the most beautiful combinations:

  1. Black leather jacket and jeans, preferably skinny.
  2. Classic fall coat, fur coat or fur cape, jeans and boots.
  3. Jacket and skirt - applicable for business style. Wide fit trousers are also suitable.
  4. Golf is combined with sweatpants, leggings and even sports shorts.

Turtleneck is a universal type of clothing that should be in the wardrobe of every girl. You can constantly experiment and come up with your own images, regardless of the tips and generally accepted norms of fashion. Believe me, it is very difficult to make a mistake here - a turtleneck is combined with almost any element of the wardrobe.

Advice! You need to more carefully choose color combinations. Only this can be missed. Otherwise, golf will be a great addition to your wardrobe.