How to wear brown sneakers?

Sneakers are stylish and comfortable shoes that are certainly present in everyone’s wardrobe. In brown, they are perfectly combined with almost any clothing.

What clothes can brown brown sneakers combine with?

Today, stylists recommend wearing these shoes not only with jeans or a tracksuit, but also with skirts, trousers, dresses. Now sneakers can be the only sports element in the image. Shoe designs range from ordinary plain sneakers to richly decorated wedge sneakers.

Brown is a universal color, depending on the shade it harmonizes perfectly with clothes of various ranges.

You can combine sports shoes with any style of clothing:

  • with a midi-length skirt, they emphasize the slimness of the ankle;
  • dilute the image with a dress of a linen style, adding ease;
  • the colors of milk chocolate or beige look good with culottes;
  • add ease to a trouser suit;
  • look stylish and unusual with a coat.

Sneakers look great in combination with clothing in close shades: the colors of chocolate, copper or ocher, beige, terracotta or brick .

Such shoes are wonderfully combined with bright contrasting colors: blue, red, green, white, pink, blue and gray.

Important! Not all shades of brown are combined with black.

Women's sneakers with brown sneakers

Such shoes are good:

  1. Combined with blue jeans and a simple black tunic for a casual look. As an accessory, a black bag is great for him.
  2. Red sneakers in a blue jacket with black leather pants and a yellow scarf will add brightness and expressiveness.
  3. Stylish and unobtrusive, such shoes look with tights and shorts in tone, a white sweater and a black bag.
  4. With a white dress and denim jacket.

Important! It is not recommended to combine more than four colors in the image so that it does not look overloaded.

How to wear brown sneakers for men?

Options for male onions are also striking in variety:

  • blue jeans with a torn white tank top and chocolate-colored shoes are an indispensable everyday look;
  • with a dark brown suit and a pink shirt, high brown sneakers complement the look of a business style;
  • with white shorts and a blue polo, create a unique light summer look;
  • dilute the formality of brown classic trousers with a blue jacket and white t-shirt;
  • create an interesting office look in combination with long beige shorts and a gray jacket;
  • a bow with a bright purple sweater and gray trousers is suitable for going to a trendy restaurant or theater;
  • effectively complement a dark brown military-style jacket with a white shirt and light trousers.

What to combine without socks?

On bare feet, sneakers and sneakers can also be combined with almost any clothing.

Female options:

  • with ripped jeans, a sweater and a coat;
  • with a dress in pastel shade;
  • with a blue blouse and a yellow skirt.

For men:

  • with a blue shirt and dark blue trousers;
  • with a classic blue and white striped shirt and skinny gray trousers;
  • with pink chinos and a white knit jacket.

Brown shoes make it possible for experiments with style to try new non-standard and interesting images for everyone, regardless of age and gender.