How to wear brown men’s shoes

Brown men's shoes are a universal type of shoe that is suitable for formal occasions and for informal communication. They represent a good alternative to more traditional black variants.

There is an opinion that it is more difficult to choose clothes for brown shoes. However, if you spend a little time and figure out which combinations are appropriate in this case, you can create really successful outfits for different situations. They will set you apart from the crowd, demonstrate your good taste, and will look spectacular and interesting.

We’ll tell you what men should wear brown shoes to look stylish and impressive.


  • Brown shoes suit
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  • Brown with gray
  • Brown with navy blue
  • Casual look
  • Summer light outfit
  • Wild West Romance
  • Light shades of blue
  • What socks to choose with brown shoes
  • Brown shoe pairing tips

Brown shoes suit

The most demanding selection of shoes and clothes always remains the dress code of official events. A hundred years ago, in such a format, in principle, it was unacceptable to deviate from black. However, times are changing. And now brown shoes are almost always welcome, except for the cases when you decide to wear a tuxedo .

Important! For official events, it is appropriate to use only a narrow range of models: oxfords, derby, brogues, haulkats.

Such shoes are easy to distinguish: they have slightly elongated rounded socks, a low square heel, lacing in the front, a simple design with a minimum of details.

There are several basic options for strict classic images with brown shoes:


You definitely won’t be mistaken if you wear trousers and a jacket of the same color in addition to brown oxfords. However, to make it look harmonious, you need to pick up clothes a few tones lighter than shoes.

Brown with gray

For such an image, you need to choose shoes of a muted shade: umber, coffee beans, dark chocolate . Then the combination with gray will turn out to be winning . Especially if you add other elements to the image in the color of the shoe. This is usually a tie, watch strap, scarf.

Brown with navy blue

Of course, for a strict classic look, both of these colors should be represented by dim, dark, noble versions .

In this case, the shade of the shoes must somehow be repeated in the image: in the form of the same tie, for example.

Following one of these options, you can create an interesting and expressive image that matches the official dress code.

Casual look

The selection of clothes for every day leaves much more freedom. Here you can use shoes with a wide range of shades, materials, styles. And combine them with a variety of wardrobe elements.

You can rely on your imagination and taste and try to create a unique style that matches your inner worldview. And you can use one of the ready-made ideas that have already managed to prove themselves well. You can learn about them not only thanks to the photos on the pages of fashion magazines. We have put together styling tips for you.

Summer light outfit

Chocolate shoes look spectacular with white pants, a light shirt, or a T-shirt . It turns out a spectacular contrast.

Such an image is now especially popular in Italy, Spain, in the south of France.

In this case, varieties of summer men's shoes are usually worn, such as loafers or loafers that sit comfortably on the foot.

Important! A proven way to make the image more holistic is the use of a belt to match the shoes.

Wild West Romance

A pair of jeans are a win-win pair for brown men’s shoes. Options of dark blue shades are especially well suited, but black models sometimes turn out to be in place. Complementing your jeans with a checkered shirt, plain plain spacious sweater, leather jacket, hat with brim, you can create the image of a modern cowboy.

In this case, it is better to pay tribute to such a model of shoes as monks . Shoes with characteristic straps instead of lacing.

Light shades of blue

Brown works well with blue. In a classic costume, this effect is often used, however, exclusively dark cobalt fabrics are taken there. However, in everyday life, you can give preference to a more fresh and lighter shade.

For example, a light blue shirt and a coffee blazer or vest will complement brown shoes. This combination is suitable for both work and date.

Important! When creating an outfit, always pay attention to accessories. It can be watches, bracelets, sunglasses, a tie, a neckerchief and so on. As a rule, all these things are matched to the tone of the shoe.

What socks to choose with brown shoes

Socks, on the contrary, are matched to match the pants .

For an official costume, they should be long, completely covering the ankles . Make sure that even a thin strip of naked skin is not visible - this is considered, according to the strict rules of the methods, completely indecent.

Casual suits, on the contrary, very often completely reject the sock, as an optional element. This is the trend of modern fashion. However, if you still prefer to walk with socks, it is recommended to choose shortened models.

Brown shoe pairing tips

How brown shoes work to create an image is very dependent on their shade.

  • Please note that dark and muted tones are suitable for formal business suits .
  • Light fit perfectly into the style of "casual" for everyday wear .
  • The most striking variations become excellent resources for experiments, unusual images for recreation and entertainment.
  • Model, the presence of decorative details, material - all this also plays a significant role. The official situation requires leather, glossy or matte, the utmost brevity of style.
  • More democratic cases allow the use of suede, textiles, tassels and decorated seams .

Match your brown shoes wisely and you will always look stylish and beautiful.