How to wear brogues with a dress

Brogues are low-heeled shoes or boots. Their distinctive feature is perforation with classic lacing and a detachable toe.

Initially, brogues were the national shoes of the men of Scotland. Now they are loved by millions of people for their convenience and a large assortment of styles. They can be combined with any outfits and styles. Modern models are decorated not only with patterned holes. As a decor, spikes, multi-colored inserts, transparent stones and plastic inlays are used.

How to wear brogues with a dress

This shoe looks especially advantageous in combination with dresses. The feminine attribute of the wardrobe, along with the strict boots of the male style, looks extremely unusual.

Outfits can be complemented with decorations. Do not choose necklaces or earrings with small details. Shoe style involves large, massive jewelry. Usually, this jewelry is without shiny stones with plastic geometric accessories.

If the image is plain brogues, you should choose a print outfit. Usually, this is a medium-sized pattern or pattern repeating throughout the fabric.

Suitable dress styles

The shoe style assumes a classic sleeveless silhouette with a small collar. But for modern images with shoes there are no restrictions. Suitable for almost any cut of the outfit - from extravagant odor variants to strict shortened forms. The length can reach the midi level or be averaged.

Straight styles and models with A-silhouette are popular if their length does not cover the shoes themselves. The tandem of a-line dresses and brogues has attracted the attention of many fashionistas from the beginning of the 60s.


Cotton, velor, woolen and even lace fabrics are considered suitable. Rough thick panels look good if supplemented with a collar or accessories in the color of shoes.

Translucent flying material is great. Especially in combination with draperies or bright patterned embroideries. Dresses made of light fabric contrast with shoes and the image is very bright. This combination is very popular over the past five years.

Rules for combining dresses and brogues

In a combination of brogues and dresses, it is advised to avoid black shoes. It has a strong contrast and can overload the whole image. Preferred colors are flesh and shades of beige.

It is not recommended to wear socks in such a tandem. They are more suitable for trouser suits.

At the same time, you need to remember that brogues are universal shoes. Made in the classic style, the shoes look great with all sorts of styles of dresses. The versatility of the combinations allows you to combine the most unexpected colors, shapes and cuts. So in our time, you can not be afraid of experiments.

Important! Carefully combine brogues with formal dresses. For solid options, it is better to choose shoes with an unusual decor or two-tone models. So, the image will not be boring and monotonous.

Stylish looks and tips

A combination of a plain shirt dress with a belt and two-tone boots is considered popular. The option is considered quite strict, but the light fabric of such a dress makes the silhouette more airy and delicate.

So that the shoes do not get lost on the background of clothing, it is advised to pick it up to a tone darker or lighter. A color different from the main image will attract attention.

A very popular combination with knitted short dresses in pastel colors. This option is associated with classic Parisian or English outfits. In such cases, large knitting and a competent pattern look good.

Dresses with leather inserts will resonate with shoes and make the image more harmonious.

If desired, you can make the outfit a little rougher and more aggressive. Then you need to buy brogues with small metal spikes or chains.