How to wear a bodysuit with tights?

A lot of controversy arises when discussing the correctness and order of putting on body and tights . Choosing and combining the elements of the wardrobe, it is important to adhere to a sense of proportion, and pay attention to your own comfort. Even stylists cannot come to a consensus, leaving the final decision to women.

Body and tights in terms of practicality

Some fashion experts recommend putting on a body first, and then tights, and others - on the contrary, completely confusing fashionistas who crave the truth.

At the same time, stores offer a variety of models for any occasion, perhaps the manufacturers of linen understand the variety of tastes and preferences. For example, pantyhose with a cotton gusset will allow you to wear them even on a naked body, and then pull the body on top. In this case, the upper gum of the tights will not look out from under the trousers and the meaning of the fitted silhouette will not be lost.

Do not forget about hygiene. If you first put on pantyhose, then the body will not need to be washed often. And in another case, it is enough to stick a daily gasket to the bottom of the body.

On the forums you can find advice instead of tights to wear stockings. Indeed, the logic is obvious: no extra layers of clothing are created, and decency is respected.

How to wear a bodysuit with tights?

It is permissible to wear under and over the body, there is no fundamental difference, as well as prohibitions. It all depends on the desire of the woman. You can argue for a long time, it is better to consider and try each method yourself, and then decide how to wear these wardrobe items.

Some ladies use the first layer of panties. But this point is rather delicate: an additional layer arises. It is important in this case to select similar styles, so that folds and constrictions in unnecessary places do not turn out. At the same time, this method reduces body wear!

Tights on top

This method is suitable for combination with a dress. In this case, you need to use only seamless underwear, otherwise they will stand out ugly and ugly under the fabric and spoil the image of a glamorous fashionista. To maintain hygiene, it is advisable to glue the pad, so the linen will last longer.

Pantyhose bottom

An ideal combination for trousers and jeans, the body will tighten the tights and hide the upper edge. He has a clear advantage, because tights are easier to wash. It’s more practical:

  • the lower back is warm;
  • the product is adjacent to the waist;
  • underwear does not peek out from under the edge of the trousers at the most inopportune moment.

To create an easy and comfortable look, you do not need to wear panties.

Perhaps the most interesting option when tights go down. I immediately recall the film of the 80s, "Dirty Dancing", with romantic and vivid images in body and bright leggings. You can recall many popular and famous models and singers in similar images. Correctly selected details are very beneficial to emphasize the figure, and the color palette will help mask minor flaws.