How to wear a body to a newborn?

Body is an integral part of the wardrobe of a little man. This is convenient and practical underwear that allows you to reliably protect your child from the cold and at the same time not to wrap him in a huge number of things.

The bottom clasp, which is fastened between the legs of the child, allows you to securely fix clothes and a diaper. If necessary, the buttons are easily unfastened, and the diaper changes to a clean one, without removing clothes completely. However, in order to dress the baby in the body, a certain skill is required, to which young mothers come only with time.

How to put a newborn in a body over his head?

Today in the stores of children's clothes and goods for babies you can find several varieties of this convenient and beautiful wardrobe item:

  • one-piece body without fasteners;
  • product with buttons on the neck;
  • swinging;
  • "bathrobe".

There are also body with short and long sleeves, which is very convenient for different times of the year or temperature in the room.

All bodysuits are worn over the head, for this, manufacturers have come up with many variations with a neck, so that the baby and mother are comfortable and comfortable while dressing.

In most cases, the thing has a neckline that allows you to freely put the product on the baby’s head. After putting on, the neck closes with 2-3 buttons and the item sits tightly on the baby’s body.

Extended neck models are also available . They are overlapped on the shoulders so that while dressing the mother can calmly pass the child’s head through the opening, and then adjust the clothes so that they fit tightly on the shoulders.

However, the most convenient models among young mothers are swinging, which do not require putting on over their heads. Mother just needs to unfasten all the rivets, put the body on a flat surface and, having laid the baby in it, fasten the rivets back. This is the most convenient and practical option that makes it easy to dress and undress the baby in any situation.

How to remove the body from a newborn?

You can also remove a convenient thing over your head. To do this, all the manipulations done while dressing the baby are repeated in the reverse order. Do not forget about the preliminary unbuttoning of buttons or rivets. This will avoid injuries and discontent of a small child.

Some experienced mothers learned to wear a wide-necked body or with buttons on the back or tummy through the legs of the baby. It is quite convenient and suitable for those mothers who are afraid to put things on the baby over the head.

Another category of mothers, on the other hand, is more recognized by body worn over their heads, as young children are often too active and talk a lot with their legs. To get into the hole for the legs in this situation is quite difficult, which is why putting on the wardrobe over your head is more convenient.

Tips for Young Moms

Each mother should choose the clothes that would be preferable for her baby. It depends not only on the activity of the baby and his character, but also on physical characteristics.

The main thing is to choose comfortable bodysuit exactly in size so that the baby feels comfortable in it. If you choose a smaller product, it will crush and unpleasantly rub, and a larger thing will gather in the folds with movements, which will also rub the baby’s delicate skin.

The highlight is the presence of rivets in all the necessary places. Buttons on the neck will help to easily put the product on the child’s head, and the locks on the back or tummy will make mom and baby feel comfortable.

Body is a universal clothing for children of the first year of life. They are conveniently worn under pants and slips for a walk or combined with ordinary socks at home where it is warm. You can also put in the baby's body for sleep, not being afraid that in the process of sleep it will lift up and expose the back of the child. The product securely fastens the diaper, preventing leakage.