How to wear blue ankle boots

Ankle boots have become an integral part of the wardrobe of all modern fashionistas. This could not fail to happen for several fairly significant reasons. Firstly, these are extremely practical and comfortable shoes. Secondly, correctly selected ankle boots can create a unique sophisticated style. However, ankle boots can not only give femininity and beauty, but also spoil the image completely. After all, it is very important to choose the right color for these unusual shoes. The trend of this season is blue shoes. But a single selection of color will not be enough to maintain the desired image. Here are some practical tips for fashionistas.

How To Create an Image With Blue Ankle Boots

To create a sexy look, you can choose a heel higher than usual. Such shoes will be better combined with skinny jeans, which can add audacity to the image.

With a high heel, dresses of a figure are perfectly combined.

Reference! If you want to feel not only stylish, but also comfortable, you should take a closer look at the thick heeled ankle boots.

Color features

Blue color is distinguished by its elegance. He is able to emphasize the aristocracy and exaltation of the image. Its uniqueness lies in the ability to use wardrobe items of the same gamut without harming the style. Blue ankle boots will perfectly complement the airy dress, creating a nice-looking resonance of colors. To create a less festive and more casual look, leggings or tight jeans are suitable.

Color combinations

Blue with black is a very unusual combination. In order for blue shoes not to get lost on a black background, you should choose ankle boots of a brighter color. Then they will stand out, and the emphasis will be shifted down.

Green is much easier to combine with blue than black. It is enough to adhere to the simple rule of combining shades. If the outerwear is a dull green color scheme, then the ankle boots should be taken bright, since here, as in the case with black color, the emphasis will be shifted to shoes. If you select the color of the shoes for a bright green dress, then the ankle boots should be slightly darker and less bright. Perhaps they should be picked up with a gray tint, since the main attention will be focused on the upper wardrobe, excessive color saturation of the shoes is not needed.

The most daring fashionistas combine blue with reds. In order for this combination to look harmonious, two contrasting colors should be “diluted” with neutral shades. Sometimes a bright red combination looks too catchy, then shades of red, such as burgundy or raspberry, will come to the rescue.

Advice! The combination of a gray dress with blue ankle boots looks unusual and stylish. But in this case, the dress should have purple or blue elements.

By style and style

Unlike popular belief, ankle boots aren't just for the cold season. They are also suitable for creating an easy summer look, in combination with an open model with a loose dress.

For girls who have very thin legs, shoe models that do not have a large platform are suitable.

Styles and Images

Blue suede ankle boots are suitable for casual style along with a pencil skirt and an unobtrusive blouse.

Important! Due to the fact that the ankle boots change the shape and length of the legs - do not wear long dresses with them.

Also, these shoes are suitable for creating a strictly office style in which one of the items of clothing is the same color as the ankle boots.

A rather interesting image is created if you combine blue shoes and a light sweater or cardigan. Jeans or dark leggings can easily fit as trousers.