How to wear black suede boots?

Some ladies deny the pleasure of wearing black suede boots. The reason is that many simply do not know how to combine such shoes with familiar clothes. Let's try to help in this matter with some tips.

Rules for combining black suede with clothes

Here are some basic rules for pairing black suede boots with clothing:

  • with black suede boots you should not wear a dark top, otherwise you risk creating a funeral bow and make the figure heavier;
  • A small black dress in an ensemble with such shoes will not look gloomy, if you complement the image with bright accessories.

Combine Black Suede Knee High Boots

There are no age or style restrictions for black suede boots, however, the ability to combine them with clothes is a whole art, because these shoes can change the proportions of the figure. Below are a few words about what different models are combined with.


The latest fashion trend is black suede boots with heels, decorated with sequins or rhinestones, which can be located both on the top and around the sole, can be folded into a complex pattern or decorate shoes with sparkling loose.

If you are not a fan of “brilliant excesses” and prefer classic models in a minimalist style, you will still be in trend, since black suede shoes always look expensive and presentable.

Important! You can wear black suede boots with heels with anything, the main thing to remember is that they should not be covered with clothing.

Without heel

This model has a limitation: for girls taller than 170 cm, it is contraindicated . For shorter ladies, it is better to prefer boots with heels.

You can wear these boots on a flat course with any clothes:

  • with jeans;
  • with a direct monophonic dress;
  • with skirts of various models (except maxi).

You should pay attention to this detail: if your skirt is shorter than the length of the boots, make sure that the distance between them is at least 10 cm, otherwise the silhouette will be “cut” and your legs will appear much shorter.

Important! Little black dress does not fit with this model!


Today, designers have created fashionable suede boots with a tractor flat sole and heel, which are very popular among fans of urban style. An example of such shoes can be combined models, where genuine leather is used as an additional material. They combine perfectly with the same jeans, miniskirts, various sweaters and sweatshirts, knitted knitted dresses.

Business style

In the image for the office, black boots, with or without heels, should be combined with light blouses and shirts, so as not to burden the figure. The optimal length of the skirt for boots with heels is just above the knee, for models without heels it is a palm higher than the knee or midi length at which the hem of the skirt covers the edge of the boots. And do not get involved in jewelry, so as not to accidentally create bad taste.

In everyday life

The most comfortable casual wear is jeans. Putting them on with suede boots, remember that they must be tucked in, otherwise your panties will “eat” the noble beauty of suede. Top appropriate long sweaters and cardigans in light colors. You can “blossom” the image with some bright detail, for example, a scarf.

With other combinations, it is enough to take into account the recommendations given above, and be guided by your own taste and mood.

On a date

You can create a romantic look with a mini dress, fitted or straight, combining it with suede boots with heels or flat soles. Do not forget about the boots, which are perfectly combined with the length of the mini and tight-fitting trousers . A small black handbag, hat and bright scarf will be a great addition to the image.

Important! Long models of boots should not be worn by short, tight girls, since the velvety texture of the material “cuts” the figure and the legs will seem too short.