How to wear black sneakers

Sports style has long been firmly rooted in everyday looks. Sneakers are an indispensable attribute of this style, as they are considered one of the most comfortable types of shoes. In addition, with them you can create numerous sets that are not related to sports style. Black shoes are universal, they fit almost every style of clothing. The main thing is to know how to wear and with what to combine such a pair.

Black sneakers are perfect for any style.

Black products have several advantages over boots of other colors. They go well with most items of clothing, can get along well with almost any style of clothing, ideal for long walks and long pastime on feet. In recent seasons, black sneakers have become a real trend. Lovers of casual style must have one or more pairs of black sports shoes in their wardrobe.

Designers, considering the popularity of this shoe, offer various models:

  • sneakers (classic sports shoes on wedges, they are very convenient and practical, go well with most stylish city bows);
  • sneakers (simple sneakers, short or high, also do not go out of fashion, the sole condition is the height of the sole, it must be at least 3 cm thick);
  • classic models (black models go well not only with tracksuits and dresses, but also with most free urban sets).

Important! Today, various modifications of such shoes are used in images with trousers, jeans, skirts and even dresses. They help to feel comfortable in any situation and remain attractive.

How to wear winter black sneakers

Winter models, as a rule, are insulated with natural or artificial fur, protect well from the cold and go well with different wardrobe items and outerwear. Stylists advise choosing tall models called high-tops that look perfect with jeans and leather pants.

As outerwear, you can choose an elongated coat or a short sheepskin coat, as well as a short leather jacket or down jacket. Sneakers will become an integral attribute of a daily look so that a person can feel confident in any situation.

Male and female models of black sneakers

Male and female models are noticeably different from each other. Women’s most often are more elegant, have a number of features and are made of different materials, including using natural fur.

Male models often represent classic sneakers, standard style. They are designed for comfortable movement in the city and the creation of stylish sports images. Women’s, unlike men’s, can be decorated with various elements to create different, even romantic sets.

How to wear women's black sneakers

Sneakers are primarily designed to complement the sporty style of clothing. Therefore, such shoes look good with tracksuits. In any informal situation where style will be appropriate, such sneakers can be used.

They also go well with:

  • jeans of different styles;
  • leather trousers;
  • dark cropped trousers;
  • mini skirts;
  • dresses.

Important! You can combine sneakers with almost any casual wear. That is why they are considered universal shoes that are suitable for daily sets.

How to wear black sneakers for a man

For men, everything is a little easier than for women. Classic style sneakers go well with everyday looks. The lack of decorative elements and the universal black color make them suitable for almost everything.

Stylists recommend wearing them with:

  • sports trousers;
  • jeans of different colors;
  • simple everyday trousers;
  • shorts.

T-shirts, t-shirts or pullovers are suitable as the upper part of the image. The choice is really diverse and allows a man to always feel confident. In any situation, he will feel comfortable, even if you have to spend a long time on his feet.

Features of black shoes

High-quality sneakers are always made of good breathable materials that allow a person to feel as comfortable as possible. The black color is absolutely not easily soiled and if necessary, shoes can be easily cleaned using improvised means or a special cosmetic cream.

Important! Designers note that black is versatile and fits everything. In addition, he does not belong to a certain color type of appearance and looks good on every person.

The most favorable look is the contrasting combination of black sneakers and, for example, white trousers or jeans. This combination looks bright and catchy, forcing all passers-by to turn around with interest.