How to wear a black jumpsuit

One of the most fashionable trends of recent years in a women's wardrobe is overalls. However, not every girl has this thing. Someone does not dare to wear it, someone considers it uncomfortable, and someone simply postpones his purchase until later. You can cite many pros and cons, but there is an undeniable advantage: he sits perfectly on the figure, hiding all the flaws and highlighting the advantages.

Black color does not go out of fashion. This is the color of classic outfits that we mercilessly exploit to create a strict or mysterious image and emphasize slender forms (even if they are far from ideal). We wear outfits in this color both for everyday wear and for celebration.

The combination of the advantages of overalls and black gives the output a stylish, fashionable, versatile thing. She will help out in many situations and is suitable for any event. The main thing is to choose the right style.

Black jumpsuit: from sports to classics

The luxury and style of black overalls is used by girls for various events: corporate party, anniversary, business dinner, date, walk in the park and much more. Depending on the upcoming release, the appropriate style and accessories complementing the image are chosen.

On sale overalls of very different models:

  • with trousers of different lengths up to shorts;
  • with sleeves of different lengths or without them at all;
  • with a normal or high waistline;
  • with open back;
  • with a smell on the chest.

For tailoring fabrics are used:

  • Silk and satin - for romantic dates, for evening outings.
  • Rayon or costume material - for office work.
  • Guipure, thin lightweight fabrics - for summer holidays.
  • Linen or cotton (including jeans) - to create a casual look.

What to wear with a women's sports jumpsuit

Sports overalls in the wardrobe always play solo - this is not an ensemble thing. The fit in the figure in this case is usually the maximum, and it is unlikely to be able to wear anything under the jumpsuit.

Another thing - jumpsuit in a sports style. It is necessary to supplement the image with sneakers, sneakers or slip-on sneakers. The bag should be in the style of a case, bag, another shapeless bag or backpack. The waist will look good, as if accidentally emphasized by a belt.

But there are not so many options for what to wear under overalls in this case. It is clear that blouses of any style will not fit here. Stylists recommend choosing from the following options:

  • T-shirt
  • top
  • T-shirt;
  • thin longsleeve;
  • vest.

As can be seen from the list, these should be things from fine knitwear that do not burden the image.

In terms of colors, there is no need to wait for a special variety: all body (nude) shades are in no way suitable, strongly bright and cutting eyes are also excluded. But the vest - white with blue or dark transverse stripes - will look perfect in this case. Complemented in this way, the bow will serve you well in using this casual ensemble.

Black pantsuit - the new "little black dress"

Black jumpsuit is a very plastic thing to create new bows. In each combination, it is different. Complemented with appropriate shoes, handbags, accessories and a fashionable jacket, he is able to make his mistress a style icon for friends and colleagues. The effect of a little black dress works in this case too. Such a jumpsuit is the basic wardrobe item for performing various tasks assigned to it.

How and with what to wear it?

A classic combination with a white top will work without a hitch. A light blouse of strict cut or with romantic elements perfectly complements the image. For ceremonial exits, jewelry and accessories, for example, made of precious metals, are required; you can use bright jewelry.

A black jumpsuit will look good in combination with different colors. The main thing here is that the shade should be “pure”, indistinct, saturated.

Attention! To create a casual look, use shirts, t-shirts, vests, long sleeves or thin sweaters, preferably with stripes. Complement the look with slippers or other shoes at low speed, especially if the jumpsuit is denim.

How to wear a black sleeveless jumpsuit

This thing opens arms, and often shoulders, and back. To demonstrate these parts of the body to others, you must be sure of their beauty or ideality. It makes no sense to wear a chic jumpsuit if the skin on your back is problematic or your arms are full. Flaws in the piece will become visible and may play against you. So, choose sleeveless jumpsuit for yourself very carefully.

A luxurious black sleeveless jumpsuit is a solo thing, it can only be complemented by a beautiful strap, possibly a golden one, a pair of massive bracelets, a clutch in the color of shoes. Put on modeling shoes with stilettos - and you will have no equal at the holiday.

Attention! If you need to visually lengthen your legs, choose styles from flying fabrics with wide legs that cover the heel completely.

How to choose accessories and shoes for a black jumpsuit

Of course, the selection of handbags, jewelry and shoes is a purely personal matter. The monophonic outfit involves the addition of the image with some interesting or bright details: a neckerchief in a contrasting color, massive jewelry. The overalls can be worn with casual or sports shoes at low speed, but the fashionista’s bow will only benefit if you wear it with high-heeled model shoes. With such shoes any form of trousers looks great, whether it is narrowed or, conversely, wide, flying.

Autumn dictates its temperature laws: wear overalls with ankle boots. Wear a shortened version with shorts and boots, complementing the look with a long sleeveless jacket or trench coat. A special chic will give the bow a bright shoe color, but you can use this technique only if the entire outfit is solid. High-heeled shoes give legs slenderness and visually lengthen them, and with shorts the effect is even enhanced.

Important! Black color requires great accuracy in the sock - any thread or lint that has fallen on the front surface of the product can ruin the entire image. Be careful, inspect yourself more often.