How to wash sneakers in a washing machine

Wearing sneakers is preferred by those who lead a healthy and fairly active lifestyle. Such people choose new sensations and extreme. It is quite natural that they have various problems with cleaning shoes, because sneakers very quickly become dirty. Most often, in order to return them to their previous appearance, they use a washing machine (except for ordinary cleaning with a brush and special cleaners). However, some sneakers are strictly forbidden to wash. Because of this, they can very quickly lose their best characteristics.

What sneakers can not be washed

In particular, if reflectors can be found on sneakers, they must be removed. If this is not possible, then washing such shoes is not recommended. Otherwise, after washing, it will look much worse, and the reflectors themselves will simply peel off in the long run.

The same goes for sneakers with foam. This material may get stuck in the washing machine or pump during washing.

Do not try to wash shoes with a special water-repellent coating. In this case, this coating will be erased, and the appearance of even the most expensive models will leave much to be desired. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to examine the shoes in advance for any specific features.

How to wash: preparation

Before you start washing, you need to clean the sneakers with standard methods. In particular, you need to take a brush and make the sole as clean as possible. No dirt or pebbles should remain on it.

Then you need to remove the laces. During washing, they will only interfere, so it is so important to remove them in advance. Shoelaces can even be cleaned in the bath separately from shoes. It will be easy even for those who have never done anything like it.

Before washing, it is recommended to purchase a special bag designed for sneakers. They can be machine washed if you put them in such a bag before starting to wash. If it is not, then you can put an old towel near the shoe. Then sneakers will be much less likely to beat the drum. You should never put them without a bag or towels. It is very likely that in this case some detail will fly off the shoes.

The temperature for washing should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius and should not be less than 30 degrees.

Under no circumstances should you put 3 pairs at once. This may cause a malfunction. In this case, the repair will be quite expensive.

You also need to turn off the spin. The reason is that the car can deteriorate in just a couple of minutes of operation in this mode.

Mode and means

In some models of modern cars, you can find a mode for shoes. It is it that needs to be used. In order to maintain the shape, paper can be stuffed inside the shoe, but this must be done with extreme caution, otherwise the entire drum after washing will be in paper. Do not fall asleep some unknown powder. It is possible that its quality will be low. It is best to use proven tools that have already proven themselves. Do not forget about the insoles. They also need to be washed, but it is best to wash the insoles separately. It is much more efficient and safer.

Washing features

Many shoe manufacturers even recommend not using washing machines. You can understand them, because they are worried about their products, but if you follow the basic rules, then even the most expensive sneakers will survive the wash and will look better than before. However, to do this, at least the most elementary rules must be observed.

Washing is a serious problem for sneakers, because it is never known in advance how this wardrobe item will look after washing. Therefore, you should not include some little-known modes that could harm them. It is recommended to use only the familiar washing modes.

Sneakers should always be sorted by color. For example, if you need to wash shoes of the same color, then you can put 2 pairs at once in the washing machine. If the color of the sneakers is different, then they should be washed separately from each other.

Tips and lifehacks on washing sneakers in a typewriter

Sneakers made of leather are preferable to wash in manual mode. Otherwise, they may become deformed. Before putting suede shoes in the washing machine, you need to make sure that they are correctly sewn. If this is not so, then there can be no question of any washing.

It is advisable to examine the shoes for a special label. Some manufacturers equip their products to them so that customers can safely wash their shoes in the car.

Do not try to wash shoes with numerous injuries. It can just fall apart, ruining the drum.