How to wash leather sneakers in a washing machine

There is hardly a person who does not like sports shoes. Sneakers have firmly entered our lives. Thanks to the trendy trend of sport chic, they give us coziness and comfort in a variety of situations, from sports and walks around the city to parties.

But frequent wearing implies an additional and thorough care. But rarely can anyone give sneakers to dry cleaning. Therefore, the question becomes relevant: how to keep your favorite shoes clean and quickly tidy them up?

There is a solution - you can wash your sneakers! The only condition is that you need to know some nuances: the composition of the product, methods for caring for it.

Knowing this, you will correctly determine the mode of washing things. And we will tell you detailed recommendations and little secrets below.

What leather sneakers can be washed in the washing

the car.

The materials from which sports shoes are made are quite diverse:

  • leather;
  • suede;
  • textile;
  • polyamide;
  • synthetic fibers;
  • combined composition.


  • crosses of poor quality.
  • Damaged things, as they can fall apart completely.
  • Products with reflective stripes that may peel off during washing.
  • Cheap shoes with poorly glued "stuffing", which can come off and damage the washing machine.

No doubt about the quality of the shoes? So, we proceed to preparation.

How to wash leather sneakers

There are two types of this process: manual and machine.

First of all, you will need the following.

  • Laundry bags or pillowcase from the pillow, which is not a pity.
  • In odo-repellent impregnation, which needs to be processed products before and after washing.

Preparatory process

  1. Carefully check the coating for damage, holes . Find a defect, refuse to wash.
  2. The sole should be thoroughly washed ; if necessary, clean it from sticky chewing gum or stuck pebbles.
  3. Take out the insoles and laces .
  4. It is advisable to pre-clean stubborn stains before the procedure.

Machine wash

Important! Wash no more than two pairs at a time. Larger amounts may damage the drum unit.

Perform the procedure during the day, as the process will be quite noisy.

  • Put the pre-cleaned sneakers in a special bag.
  • It is advisable to use a liquid gel, since it does not leave streaks on the material. Wash without conditioner so that stains do not appear on shoes afterwards.
  • Choose the “Shoes” mode, if there isn’t one, then the “Sparing mode” or “Delicate washing” is quite suitable.
  • Set the water temperature to not higher than 40 ° C.
  • Before starting the process, put a couple of old things, such as towels, in the drum . This is necessary to maintain proper balance inside the washing drum during washing.
  • Do not use the "Drying" mode. Dry your sneakers tightly with paper.
  • After washing, treat the product with leather shoe cream.


Some housewives prefer to alternate washing in a car with a manual one. We’ll tell you how to conduct it competently.

  • Pour warm water into the basin.
  • Dissolve laundry soap, which you can grate to speed up the process. Foam the liquid.
  • Dip the sneakers in water, wet and brush the surface . Pollution places, take more time.
  • Also rub the insoles with a brush . Wash the shoelaces .
  • Rinse thoroughly under running water.
  • Set to dry.
  • Treat shoe polish.

How to dry leather sneakers after washing

Let us dwell on drying. If you do this incorrectly, the consequences will not please.

  • Shoes, when dry, may become deformed.
  • The material can "stink", and it will be difficult for you to get rid of this amber.

Sneakers should dry in the wild.

Tip. To speed up the process, you can stuff shoes with paper, which we periodically change to dry.

Follow these guidelines for drying your sneakers.

  • Do not dry the product with a hot hairdryer!
  • Avoid sun exposure!
  • Do not place running shoes near radiators or on the battery!

Useful Tips

There is at least the slightest fear of damaging the appearance of the shoe; clean it by hand.

Features of manual cleaning of suede sneakers

Prepare a suede brush, ammonia, vinegar, soap. Treat dirty places with a weak solution of vinegar . Clean the rest of the surface with a mixture of alcohol and water . Wash cleaners with a damp cloth. Dry well.

IMPORTANT! Do not use acetone or gasoline for suede coatings.

Walk over the surface with a special suede brush, which can be replaced with a regular stationery eraser.

Manual cleaning of leather sneakers

Using a rag and soapy solution, wipe the sneakers from the outside. Rinse off the soap and wipe the item dry. Lubricate with shoe polish.