How to wash a leather bag?

Leather handbag, one of the indispensable accessories in the women's wardrobe.

In order for the aesthetics and functionality of this product to please its mistress longer, attention should be paid to proper care of it.

What to consider before washing a leather bag?

Skin is a material that requires proper, systematic care. Depending on the shade and features of operation, the frequency of cleaning procedures and their type will vary.

To give the bag an ideal look, it is necessary to take into account some points that will affect the choice of type of purification. Namely:

  • An accessory made of light material will need more frequent care.
  • Harvested skin is more reliable and durable.
  • Cramped skin should not be subjected to harsh mechanical cleansing.
  • Suede, patent leather inserts require a careful, special approach.

Important! Consider the type of material when choosing a way to care for it. This will help to more efficiently cope with the cleaning process without damaging the surface of the product.

Robust leather bag cleaning methods

There are many productive variations of purifying leather bags. Of these, the most popular methods of care are:

  • soap products;
  • wet wipes and cream;
  • chemical compositions;
  • improvised means.

Soap solution

An effective, popular method. Purification is carried out in several stages:

  1. Creating a solution of soap.
  2. Wipe the surface of the accessory with a cotton pad moistened with a solution or cloth.
  3. Rubbing a clean surface with castor oil.

Important! The cotton pad should be squeezed well so as not to overdo it with moistening the product.

Wet towel with hand cream

Need cream and napkins. Cleansing in two stages:

  • Using wipes, the surface of the product is thoroughly cleaned of dust and other types of pollution.
  • Then you need to treat the accessory with cream.

Emollients help moisturize the material, making it more wear-resistant than the longest product life. Therefore, it is important to regularly use this tool for things made of leather.

Store detergents

Modern manufacturers of chemical detergents can please customers with a huge selection of assortment of their products. There are special products that are designed to care for leather products. The instructions that accompany them help the user understand how to use the tool.

In addition to the cleansing function, such products can:

  • return the product to its original form;
  • add shine to the surface.

Folk ways

If you do not have the above funds at your fingertips, you can use folk methods of cleaning your favorite women's accessory. The most famous helpers in this business are onions, coffee, eggs, milk and ammonia.

Onions will help cleanse the surface of dirt and give it a shine. It is necessary to clean the vegetable and wipe the skin with it.

Coffee will save dark accessories. Freshly brewed ground must be treated with stains, and the remaining fragrant grains must be removed with a damp sponge.

If you beat milk with protein, you can get rid of the greasy stain on the product. It can be used on light and dark materials.

A glass of water and a drop of ammonia dissolved in it, this is an excellent solution that removes stains and restore the original appearance of the bag.

Can I wash a leather bag in a washing machine?

If the bag is made of genuine leather, then it can be washed in a typewriter.

But you must adhere to the following tips:

  • empty pockets, remove straps, metal fittings (if possible);
  • put the product in a special laundry bag (or pillowcase);
  • choose a gentle washing regime, the temperature of which should not exceed 30 C;
  • Dry the product at room temperature on a towel, do not hang.

To save hands it is better to use gloves, especially when using ammonia, etc.

Regular, proper care is a guarantee of aesthetics and durability of a leather bag. The above tips will help extend the life of your favorite accessory by returning it to its original form.