How to wash eco leather

Eco-leather is a modern, more affordable in financial terms and easy to care for analogue of genuine leather of animal origin.

This material consists of cotton, cellulose-based artificial materials, fine particles of genuine leather and polymers.

In order for a wardrobe item, accessory or decor item from a newfangled canvas to last as long as possible, without losing its attractiveness and useful properties, you need to properly care for them.

Eco leather wash

For users who are knowledgeable in the rules of caring for clothes and people who do not pay attention to the practical recommendations of specialists, the first item of care will be studying the label of the item.

On the label, the manufacturer indicates the type of washing (manual, machine), the temperature of the process and features (type of detergent, bleaching, spin power). If the product does not have parts from other fabrics, is not decorated with multiple decorative elements in the form of beads, rhinestones, then the rules for caring for it will be classic.


The first washing of a jacket, skirt or eco-leather bag must be done manually, especially if the product has a bright color. When washing clothes from a skin substitute, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Do not soak laundry beforehand.
  2. If the product has a lining, then it must be washed gently, and the leather surface should be wiped with a sponge dampened in warm water.
  3. Eco-leather clothing cannot be pulled, hand-wound, or rubbed during eco-wash.

The first step is mixing water and detergent. Water should be warm (no more than 40 degrees).

Important! To wash products made of artificial skin substitutes, you need to use liquid detergents and take them half less than for things made of cotton, satin, viscose.

Then you need to put the jacket, trousers or bag in the water, rub your hands on the leather surface, slightly squeeze. Then rinse the item in several waters (3-4 times), squeeze again. Dry the wardrobe part in the open air, after having straightened it with a shaking movement.

Temperature mode

The most acceptable and gentle material temperature is 30–40 degrees. When using hotter water, the canvas will crack, lose its shape and color. For the first procedure, it is better to use cold tap water. This is necessary in order to prevent leaching of the paint.

Features of washing and further care

Dry the washed product only on a hanger, away from heating appliances, fireplaces, appliances with open fire. To ensure the most accurate drying, the jacket, dress or skirt must be turned inside out and ensure good air circulation. You can use one more hanger for this.

If there are stains on the subject of the wardrobe, then they must be removed before washing. With fresh contamination, an ordinary washcloth moistened with water will do for this (with a detergent, provided that the stain is greasy). To eliminate obsolete traces, you need to put a wet rag on the soiled area, wait until the stain falls behind, and then wipe it with a sponge.

Faux leather in the washing machine

If the label indicates that the leather product can be washed using an automatic machine, then it is better to do so. There are no special rules for this type of care.

The main thing is to choose the most delicate and gentle care. The “Delicate” mode, the water temperature is 30 degrees, 400 rpm during the spin cycle and the gel-like detergent without chlorine are the universal secrets of washing eco-leather clothes and accessories in an automatic machine. If possible, it is better to completely eliminate the spin and do it manually.

Rules for the delicate care of the eco-leather jacket

A machine washable jacket made from an eco-friendly skin substitute is quick, convenient and simple.

The following procedure should be followed:

  1. Check and clean the pockets, fasten all buttons and zippers, turn the jacket inside out.
  2. Pour a gel-like detergent without chlorine into the powder tray, set the temperature to 30 degrees, select the delicate mode without spinning.
  3. At the end of the procedure, remove the jacket, squeeze slightly, hang on the shoulders and dry.

Following this instruction, you can gently clean your favorite outerwear. If there are stains, they must first be removed, and then the jacket should be washed in a typewriter. Similarly, you can refresh a leather dress.

Wash eco-leather dress

In order to wash the eco-leather dress, you need to put it in the drum, after turning it inside out.

Then select the delicate or manual mode, set the water temperature to not higher than 30 degrees, select the minimum spin speed (if the label has a corresponding icon).

Then you need to fill in the washing gel, start the machine and, at the end of the washing, remove the product from the drum, shake it and hang it to dry on its shoulders.

Important! It is not recommended to use dry detergent for washing eco-leather products, since its granules can scratch the material and leave white stains.