How to wash a briefcase?

Schoolchildren and students most often use a briefcase, a backpack with a hard back, to carry textbooks, shoes, and clothes. Over time, it is prone to pollution, there is a need for washing.

Portfolio Wash Rules

Backpack is meant as a bag for every day. The washing method is selected depending on the material from which the briefcase is made . Most often, any dirt is washed in the washing machine.

For some products, only hand wash with delicate detergents is possible. There are materials for which dry cleaning or dry cleaning is recommended. Backpacks treated with a special moisture-resistant composition are not recommended for washing . So that the impregnation is not washed out, it is possible to wipe the bag with a damp cloth, sponge or brush.

Important! Do not boil a briefcase or soak in hot water.

The difference in washing different fabrics

The features of cleaning the backpack are usually indicated on the product label. It is most often sewn inside the portfolio and contains recommendations for washing and drying. In order to effectively clean the bag from dirt, you need to pay attention to the material from which it is made:

  • skin and ecoskin - wiped with a damp cloth, in some cases dry cleaning is possible;
  • suede - dry cleaning recommended. Stains can be removed with an eraser, then wet this area, hold over the steam and smooth in the direction of the fibers;
  • leatherette - cleaned with a wet cloth, hand wash or dry cleaning;
  • synthetics - dry cleaning, hand or machine wash in cold water;
  • Cotton - machine wash or hand wash at a temperature of not more than 60 degrees or dry cleaning.

Preliminary Actions

In order to effectively wash the backpack, you must:

  • take out the rigid frame;
  • release the briefcase from its contents;
  • vacuum it from the inside;
  • wipe the backpack outside from dust;
  • unfasten belts from the product before machine washing;
  • if there are stains, treat them with stain remover or stash.

We process stains

The most effective way to remove dirt is laundry soap. To do this, lather the moistened area of ​​the material, wait 2 to 5 minutes and rinse off the product. If the product is not washable, you can treat the stain with a cotton pad soaked in soapy water. A suede backpack is treated with an eraser or a toothbrush with soft bristles.

Greasy stains effectively removes dishwashing detergent. On the site you need to apply a solution of washing liquid in half with water, rub with a toothbrush and wait half an hour. Also suitable for removing oil stains:

  • industrial stain remover;
  • starch diluted in water;
  • dry talc, soda or salt;
  • anti-fat gels for the kitchen;
  • lemon juice at room temperature for light materials, onion for dark;
  • alcohol at a concentration of 1 teaspoon per glass of water.

A detergent for dishes is also suitable for removing ink stains. It must be applied to the stain, wait 10-15 minutes, then wipe it with a damp cloth or wash the item.

We erase manually

Products that are not machine washable by the manufacturer are subject to manual cleaning. The product is a special soft gel or finely grated laundry soap. Further it is necessary:

  • collect water in a basin at room temperature;
  • soak the product in a soap solution for half an hour;
  • rub heavily contaminated areas with a brush;
  • rinse in clean water and hang to dry without squeezing.

Machine washable

For machine washing the backpack, you must perform the following procedures:

  • pull out the solid frame;
  • turn the bag inside out and fasten it, leaving the straps inside;
  • before washing for an hour and a half, soak the backpack in a weak solution of vinegar with soda to eliminate an unpleasant odor;
  • to preserve color and preserve impregnation, wash the portfolio with cold water in a delicate mode with a small amount of powder;
  • to dry the washed thing with an unbuttoned one, without hanging it in suspension.

Important! To wash the backpack, use a special bag.

What to do if any washing is prohibited?

In this case , the treatment with soap suds is perfect. To do this, you need to bring the detergent solution and beat it. Then the foam is applied with a sponge or brush to the bag with an emphasis in places of severe pollution. The remaining foam is also removed with a sponge, after which the product is cleaned with clean water.

The backpack can be cleaned quickly with wet wipes:

  • garbage is shaken out of a portfolio free of things;
  • the pockets are open, the zippers are all open, the backpack is vacuum cleaned;
  • the internal compartments must be wiped with antibacterial wipes;
  • the outside can be cleaned with a shoe cleaner spray;
  • leave the product for airing for several minutes;
  • natural materials can be treated with cream or spray;
  • apply water-repellent impregnation.

Proper portfolio drying

After washing, the backpack must be positioned so that water drains. After that, you can pat it dry with a towel and hang it by the straps or by the handle. To avoid deformation, it is better not to open the zippers until the bag is dry on the outside . At the final stage of drying, it is necessary to open all the pockets and compartments, in order to accelerate the drying process, you can send a fan heater to the product.

Portfolio, which can be deformed in suspension, conveniently dried on a dryer. To do this, you need to put it in, open all the zippers, pockets and compartments, leave it until it dries completely.