How to update a leather bag at home?

Leather products look very elegant and practical, but eventually lose their original shine. This happens very often with a bag, because it accompanies us on the road, in transport, etc. How to update its appearance read more ...

How to clean a leather bag at home

It can be cleaned by various methods and means:

  1. soapy solution will allow to clean the product from dust. To do this, take household or toilet soap (15–20 grams) and grate it on a grater. Add 200 ml of water to the resulting chips, mix until smooth. In this solution, in a gel-like consistency, moisten a cotton pad or napkin. Treat the surface. After the procedure, apply castor oil or glycerin;
  2. hand cream will keep the skin of the bag in perfect form for a long time. To begin, free the bag cover from dust and dirt, and then apply the product;
  3. make the skin softer will help a professional tool. Get a spray or foam and follow the instructions;
  4. folk remedies, for example, ordinary onions, will help in cleaning. Cut the onion in half, with a slice of one of the parts, wipe the contaminated areas, then treat the surface with a damp cloth. Also, coffee grounds diluted in water will help in cleaning. Wipe the surface of the accessory with a solution, then rinse off the residue with a damp sponge.

Important! If your bag is made of natural material, it can be cleaned in a washing machine. To do this, empty it, unfasten all the decorative parts and place in the laundry bag. Wash in delicate mode at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees!

Leather bag restoration methods

To properly restore, you should determine the type of damage:

  • spots will disappear if you wipe the surface with lemon juice. The remnants of the product should be cleaned with a sponge or a cloth moistened with a small amount of water;
  • scuffs can be removed if 5 tablespoons are added to a soap solution (1 liter) l ammonia. For these purposes, glycerin and peel of citrus fruit are also used;
  • A mixture of ammonia and table vinegar will help to eliminate scratches and cracks. Mix a quarter cup of vinegar and 2 tbsp. l alcohol, rub the resulting solution into damaged places. After 20 minutes Wipe off any remaining solution with a damp cloth.

Updating a light bag

A solution of soap and water will help eliminate small contaminants. With this composition, you should also process the bag if you need to remove more complex spots. The following remedies are recommended for stain removal:

  • a mixture of egg white and milk;
  • white eraser;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • peel of orange, lemon or mandarin;
  • half of the onion.

After applying any substance, clean the surface of the product with a damp cloth.

Important! To prevent scratches and cracks on the light bag, rub its surface with oil. It will create a microfilm and protect it from external damage.

What to do with a bag of varnish?

Products with this coating are the most vulnerable, therefore, require more thorough and delicate care. When cleaning, follow these guidelines:

  • so that scratches and cuts do not appear on the bag, in no case use brushes and hard sponges to care for it. The best option would be a fabric made of soft material;
  • use only specialized products that do not contain aggressive chemicals, and oil components are present - petroleum jelly or glycerin.

In the care of the varnish, folk remedies will help. Potato starch will help remove stains. It must be diluted in cold water to a homogeneous state. Wipe the surface of the product with a solution, then wipe off any residue with a damp cloth. For this, you can also use ordinary potatoes. Also use lemon juice or a mixture of water, alcohol, and liquid soap to remove stains.

Castor oil, egg white or onion juice will help return the bag to its original appearance.

And if there is an unpleasant odor inside, take a small bag of cloth and put rice or coffee beans in it for several days.

How to restore pens?

Handles - that part of the bag that wears out the fastest and the product immediately takes on an unpresentable appearance. In order not to throw away the bag, modern fashionistas have found many ways to update this accessory:

  • use “liquid skin”. This product can be purchased at the skin care department. Before the procedure, clean the handles of dirt, evenly apply the product and let it dry for several days. However, this method is only suitable for minor damage ;
  • if the handles are pretty worn out, it is better to replace them with new parts. Such "accessories" can be purchased in leather goods;
  • Want to show your imagination? Then feel free to use leather or textile belts, metal chains, scarves, etc.

Now you know how to keep the bag in its original form with the help of folk remedies, perseverance and imagination!