How to update the handles of a bag with your own hands

Often, handbags are rubbed on women's handbags and lose their beautiful appearance. When a thing remains beautiful, but the handles do not look like the whole product, you should think about repair. It’s a pity to throw out a good thing, but with a slight defect, especially if it is only recently purchased. You can make high-quality and quick repair of the product at home, it will be several times cheaper and faster than giving it to a specialist. To do this, stock up on a little patience, time and imagination. We will analyze the most relevant and effective options for replacing and fixing bag handles.

How to repair the handles of a bag with your own hands

To quickly and accurately repair the handles we need:

  • Metal rings 2.5 - 3 cm (4 pieces).
  • Adhesive tape for leather of medium thickness.
  • Leather fabric (15 cm longer than the pens themselves and twice as wide as pens).
  • A small piece of tarp.
  • Durable leather threads in fabric color.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Leather fabric needs to be cut into two identical strips. We add their joint to the joint in width. And glue it with tape. It is necessary to glue firmly so that the part does not disperse. We cut the edges with medium scissors for the fabric and sew the product from the front side at a distance of 3-4 cm. We bend the rounded ends inwards and glue with tape.
  2. In the resulting product from four sides we thread the rings, after which we bend the ends inside out. Use the pen to mark where the edges end. Glue tape on the mark (it should be in the center, but not at the seam).
  3. We put the canvas fabric on the tape and press it tightly to the skin. Make sure that the sticky layer does not come out of the fabric. Glue a small piece of glue on the second side of the fabric.
  4. We bend the leather product in the middle and glue it. Start gluing the skin from the middle, pressing the product well on both sides. It is important that the fabric is evenly glued over the entire surface, and there is no air inside.
  5. On the sewing machine we make a fastening line, so that there is at least one and a half centimeter along the tip inserted inside. From above we are doing another line already done. At the other end of the part, we perform similar actions. Do not forget to make sure that the needle clearly enters through the punctures of the previous seam.

Now it remains only to attach the hand-made handles to the bag, and the new version of the product is ready. If everything is done carefully, then the new pens will not be distinguished from the factory ones. In the case of a fabric or jeans model, new parts should be made from appropriate material.

Remember! A handmade product made of genuine leather will serve you for more than one season, and will always look beautiful if you follow the material correctly.

A simple way to update the handles of a bag

If you don’t have a sewing machine or it’s rather difficult to sew new pens. There is a simplified version of how to give the product a fresh and beautiful appearance. To do this, you can quickly and easily stitch pen cases. The main difficulty in this method is that the resulting cases will need to be turned on the front side. Otherwise, this is a fairly affordable and easy method.

To stitch the covers we need to follow these steps:

  • We take a small piece of thin skin, you can take leatherette and make a pattern of two cases. To do this, draw two rectangles on the fabric as one pen squared.
  • We cut the workpieces, and glue on them from the inside a dense cotton or any other matter. You can use regular PVA glue or Super glue.
  • Wrap the ends inside out and also glue well. Our preparations are ready.
  • Now it remains only to connect the two ends of one part, and sew them on a sewing machine. If there is no such technique, then you can buy a skin needle in a sewing store and make a seam manually. We make a seam from the wrong side, after which we turn the parts on the front side.

If desired, the covers can be made with Velcro so that they can be conveniently worn and removed from the thing. Velcro should be glued or sewn on the front and back side of the part. It will not be noticeable on the subject, but will help simplify the process of cleaning the model.

Useful DIY repair tips

To make a quality repair of the handles of a shabby bag at home, you should follow a few tips:

  • When it comes to genuine leather. Before work, it must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and dust. The surface can be wiped with cool soapy water with ammonia. Blot any traces of liquid with a waffle towel and wait until the material is completely dry.
  • To update the appearance of a leather product, pre-treat it with glycerin. So it will be possible to give shine and radiance to the model. Wipe varnished varieties with a soft, dry cloth.
  • If the element of the model has become shabby and ugly, replace it with a new element, made by yourself or bought in a special store.
  • To update the handles of a white or red bag, use skin paint. There are different color options, so you can choose a paint to match the product. The paint is intended only for surface renewal of the surface, so you should not choose a radically different color. This only spoils the appearance, the thing will become unusable.
  • If you do not want to replace some parts with others, you can always resort to the decor. Make knitted covers, painting on the material or embroidery. And the model will sparkle with new colors. You can add beads, rhinestones or beads. Do not be afraid to experiment.

If the bag has lost its appearance or the handles are rubbed / cracked due to frequent wear. Do not rush to throw a thing in the trash, and buy a new one. You can always replace worn parts or decorate them with available materials. A new version of a thing can become even more fashionable than the original appearance. There are many ways to rectify the situation, from the simplest to the longest and most difficult. It all depends on your strengths, desires, finances and imagination.