How unusual to wear ordinary things

The closet is full, but there is nothing to wear? A familiar problem! But this is not a reason to look for another new thing. There are other ways to look diverse and interesting. There are a lot of ways to create a new look without shopping. It is not necessary to have needlework skills. Just look at the available outfits with “different eyes” . They themselves will prompt ideas: non-standard combination, unusual additions, items from another season ... All this makes it possible to create modern fashionable images. We will tell you more about them.

We put on clothes outside the box

Today you will not surprise anyone with a baseball cap with a visor back, glasses on the crown, a jacket with sleeves tied at the waist. These are “classic examples” of misuse of existing things. All of them are sure to attract attention. And their master is characterized as a relaxed person, whose thinking is able to go beyond the usual boundaries.

Important! "Going beyond the usual boundaries" does not mean "going beyond the bounds of decency."

Fashion has long ceased to be a dictator, ordering what and how to wear. However, she retained the status of "capricious lady." So why not play along with fashion? It doesn’t matter that it’s winter in the yard, and I really want to wear a brand new shiny top! Where's the whim? As where! A top worn on top of a turtleneck is a “three in one”: a whim, a seasonal item and a new look.

By analogy with this outfit, others are created:

  • open shirt over t-shirt;
  • two skirts of different lengths and different textures, worn simultaneously;
  • skinny trousers with a miniskirt.

But what if you put on a blouse or shirt backwards? Or leave one of her sleeves empty? Be sure no one will remember that this blouse is not new!

Once upon a time, winter sundresses were in almost every women's wardrobe. Today they are not so popular, but the idea is good. The role of a sundress can be played by a dress on thin straps, worn on another dress or on a loose-cut shirt .

We create unusual combinations

One of the interesting trends in modern fashion is a combination of incongruous . Evening dress during the day and at work? Yes! With an everyday jacket and semi-sports shoes, it will become the highlight of the image. Shiny pumps and ripped baggy denim bananas - why not!

Diversifies the image and mixing styles . Military blouse with a romantic chiffon or lace skirt, sports shoes with a business suit. These are just two examples, and there can be a great many.

Important! To mix objects of different styles in one image and not look funny, you need to adhere to simple rules: combine no more than three colors and choose things according to the type of figure.

How not to recall the famous "little black dress" from Chanel. This is truly a universal thing! No matter how fashion changes, it will soon turn a century, as it is in trend. Why? Everything is simple. The black dress is therefore small because it has a tight-fitting or semi-adjacent silhouette. So, on him, like on a Russian doll, you can lay other things and accessories.

A voluminous sweatshirt put on top will turn a classic look into a casual. A wide skirt will add romance; in combination with a lace or silk blouse, the now-popular vintage style will come out. By the way, under the dress with a short sleeve or without it, you can also wear something: a turtleneck, a “net”, a blouse with beautiful sleeves or a collar.

Remember that a little black dress can be ... red or nude.

One cannot but pay tribute to the colors of the clothes. It is color that makes everyday things extraordinary . Only two or three bright spectacular and trendy things in a monochrome basic wardrobe create different images.

Advice! Collect several wardrobe items in a single capsule, where all things are freely combined with each other. In each new season, it remains only to supplement the capsule with a catchy trend.

We use accessories

With the help of accessories, you can also diversify your own image.

How to imagine a little black dress differently

Wearing it with a chain instead of a strap has long been customary. And if you accent the waist or hips with beads ?

On hand and an interesting technique, long thought up by fashion designers - transferring the spotlight to the back . True, designers achieve this by shifting a deep cut from the neckline to the back, drapes, inserts from contrasting fabrics.

And we only have a simple dress. Do not take scissors for the sake of creating a new image! It is better to look into the jewelry box. A brooch on the back is a vivid example of an unusual use of a familiar thing. You can go further and put a beautiful elastic band for hair in place of the brooch .

Advice! An elastic band for hair on a hand easily becomes an interesting bracelet.

Interesting use cases for accessories

Is there a scarf or stole? A little imagination, and the stole turns into a skirt . Additionally, you will need a belt and a pair of pins.

Another option: we recall the ancient Roman tunics and drape a scarf from the flowing fabric so that it becomes a replacement for a blouse .

Old truth: the image is created by little things. Think about it and tie a scarf at the waist! With such a "belt" your dress, skirt or pants will be transformed!

Experiments are welcome!