How to turn a sweatshirt from boring to original

It happens to you: you hold some sort of thing in your hands, it seems like you can put it on. But then you put it off, imagining how boring this comfortable clothing will look. And the quality is good and comfortable, but the color! Boring, sad, sad. All this I heard from a friend. Then we thought together what to do. But it turns out that everything is in our hands! And you don’t have to yearn, but decorate comfortable clothes!

Miraculous transformations are possible!

We learned that the look of a familiar simple cut sweatshirt is easy to change. The possibilities of decorating such products are practically unlimited. Everything determines your skills and taste. We share our findings!

Do not be afraid of handmade. Even if you've never done needlework before, you can find the simplest ways to decorate. If you have sewing, embroidery, applique skills, then the result of your work will be an exclusive handmade model. This you certainly will not see on any of your friends.

5 reasons to decorate a boring sweatshirt

If you still doubt whether it is easier to hide your clothes further in the closet, we answer unequivocally: “No!”

As an argument, we immediately give 5 reasons.

  1. An opportunity to give a new life to a boring, but very comfortable piece of clothing .
  2. A new thing appears in your wardrobe , and it will be bright and original .
  3. You become the owner of a unique product .
  4. The alteration can be combined with a minor repair of your favorite thing, if spots or unintentional holes appear on it.
  5. Showing your imagination and giving freedom to your creativity, you will have a good time and get a lot of pleasure from creating beauty .

Already want to take on a sweatshirt? Right! And we will tell you how to decorate it!

Add brightness

You can change the color scheme of the product in several ways.

Drawing a drawing

Perhaps the easiest way is to print in color. All that is needed for such creativity is a stamp and paint.

Advice! A very interesting result can be obtained by using apple and pear halves as a stamp.

After thoroughly drying the fruit, apply paint (red, yellow, green according to your desire). Firmly pressing the fruit to the surface of the garment, after a few seconds we get a clear imprint.

We use lace

Despite the fact that T-shirts and sweatshirts originally belonged to the category of sportswear, we are very pleased to use them in everyday wear. And with appropriate decoration and as elegant clothes.

A monophonic sweatshirt, on which an application of lace or guipure is made, looks very romantic . Gently stitching elegant lace patterns, we get an elegant knitted blouse.


If you know the art of embroidery, then it is in your power to transform a boring garment beyond recognition.

In this case, you can use simple techniques of manual embroidery:

  • seam in the attach;
  • stalk seam;
  • rococo;
  • elements of the surface.

Advice! Cord embroidery looks very interesting. This way you can lay out a floral or stylized ornament on your chest or back.

In this case, the lines should not intersect. Usually use twisted, knitted cords. A pattern from a flat soutache cord or decorative braid-snake looks very impressive .

And, finally, for experienced craftswomen it is possible to embroider embroidery in the “Richelieu” technique on a knitwear, which always looks elegant and elegant.

We make an application

  • The sweatshirt decorated with leather looks organically. These can be braids woven from leather laces, appliqués of their leather fragments.

  • An interesting solution is the flapper application, especially if you select the details of several colors that allow you to achieve the gradient effect.
  • Application can be voluminous . Butterflies or floral motifs made of felt or crocheted are perfect for this technique.

We use the technique of Irish lace

Crochet using the technique of Irish lace and individual parts are performed, for example, shirt sleeves or inserts on the back or front of the product. The attention of others to such a sweatshirt is guaranteed!

Add bright fabric

You can completely change the appearance of a bored sweater by sewing on it romantic shuttlecocks or imitation of a draped scarf in the neck.

Decorate the sweatshirt with sewn details

What can be used for decoration? Anything. Do not be afraid of small and painstaking work, lay out and sew fantasy patterns from beads and sequins .

Advice! Not sure of your patience - take a scattering of multi-colored buttons or rhinestones of different sizes.

In the far casket long scattered beads are stored? They will also serve our sweatshirt.

All of the above techniques can be successfully combined and combined . The main thing is not to forget about the sense of proportion and the laws of color combinations. Create, try and have fun! Successful transformations!