How to turn a hairbrush into a talisman

How do you feel about your comb? Probably the same as many. First, carefully choose the one that best suits your hair. And then take care, realizing that it provides the beauty and health of hair. But a comb is not only a hair care item. In the past, it was considered important to get hold of such a comb, which will become a talisman, will help to overcome all life difficulties.

Why the comb became a talisman

In the old days, it was believed that hair is female beauty, honor and intelligence. Therefore, a big shame and misfortune was the cutting of hair.

The comb, which came into contact not only with curls and strands, but also with the scalp, was also endowed with mystical properties. He could do real miracles! This is understandable: who doesn’t like the light crest movements gliding through the wave of hair! They relax and give peace, as well as give strength.

Important! It was believed that the comb, in addition to the main purpose, can protect, bring good luck and help find your love.

But not every crest has such opportunities, but only one that has become a talisman.

How to make a charm from a comb

To make a talisman with your own hands from this item is not so difficult. It is enough to perform a few actions.

Accessory selection

We’ll tell you what a comb should be, suitable for turning into a talisman.

  • A talisman can only be a thing made of natural material. This is a tree for combing, as this material is endowed with its own "living force", which will strengthen the effect of your amulet. In addition, a bone product may be used.

Important! When choosing a wooden comb, specify what kind of wood it is made of. The best option is cherry. If the master used poplar, aspen, birch, willow harvesting, put them aside! For the rite, such breeds can not be used!

  • Only a new product is suitable, on which there are no flaws, defects, negative energy.
  • Choose the brightest and most beautiful comb from all applicants for talismans.
  • Make your choice yourself, without involving assistants and advisers!
  • Choose a future amulet on Friday, as it is considered a women's day.


Before the ceremony, the product should be cleaned of negative. To do this, take a container of salt water and lower the comb in it for a while.

Reference! You can do without saline, but salt is still required! It is poured onto the comb, trying to completely hide the accessory under it.

Turn into a Charm

The actions of a simple ceremony must be performed in a certain order.

  • The ceremony is carried out at a strictly specified time - at 12 o’clock at night, by the mirror.
  • The ceremony can only be held by the owner of the comb. He must prepare: put on smart clothes. Remove all hairpins, hairpins, combs, etc. from the hair.

Important! Wearing jewelry is not permitted during the ceremony. The pectoral cross is also removed at this time.

  • The rite itself consists of combing. You need to do this slowly, carefully, having fun. At the same time, in a free form, a person mentally passes to the Moon his request for endowment with good health and beauty.
  • After the comb went through all the locks, the rite ends. The hairbrush is left at the mirror, but it is not cleaned. Putting an accessory on a mirror surface, do not look at their reflection! They immediately leave the room, and it is forbidden to look at the mirror!

After that, the amulet can be used for its intended purpose.

Important! Think in advance where you will store a hairbrush! It should not be in sight, be accessible to everyone.

Use of a talisman

You can apply a comb-amulet in different ways, depending on what goals you want to achieve.

  • Remember: now this is only your amulet! Try not to fall into the wrong hands! If this still happened - carry out a new clarification with salt. And to enhance, add "sunbathing."
  • Before going to bed, be sure to comb yourself with such a talisman, making slow, smooth movements. Thus, you will remove the negative energy that you have accumulated during the day. Not to mention the fact that these actions will help you sleep better.

Despite all its simplicity and unpretentiousness, the amber comb is capable of much!