How to turn daddy’s shirt into a daughter’s dress

Often, sorting out a men's wardrobe, the housewives do not know what to do with shirts, which for some reason the husband stopped wearing. And it's a pity to throw them away, since the thing is still quite strong. But it is not used, but only takes up extra space in the closet. But men's shirts are a suitable material for children's new clothes . Particularly wonderful of them are beautiful outfits for young fashionistas.

What will be needed for work

The resulting model will primarily depend on the fabric of the shirt. From a denser material, an update will be obtained for the cold season, and from a thin canvas - a dress for summer heat. For alteration you will need the following:

  • Children's clothing that can be used as a template. In this role, your favorite dress or t-shirt can act.
  • Scissors. Better to take tailors.
  • A piece of chalk or remnant with a sharp edge.
  • Sewing machine or needle for hand sewing.
  • Threads in tone.
  • Decorative elements as desired.

Reference! As a decor, you can use bright braid, lace collars and crocheted motifs.

The main stages of work

After that, on how to prepare all the materials, put the shirt on a flat surface and, using the template clothes, draw the contours of the future thing .

Then cut out the parts and connect them using a typewriter or needle.

The final touch will be decorating things.

Models of children's dresses from men's shirts

Mom’s fantasy and different source material will become the basis for real creativity.

For cool weather

Jeans will make a wonderful update for cool weather.

However, you do not need much time to create it. The highlight of this little thing will be pieces of lace braid sewn along the edges of the sleeves and the neck, as well as on the belt.

Summer sundress

For a walk in the summer heat, a light sundress, altered from my father's cotton shirt, is useful.

Attention! To create this model, it is preferable to use a T-shirt as a template.

Open edges can be trimmed with an oblique edging cut from the main material, as well as a finished edging in contrasting color.

The decorative flower crocheted will give special charm to the sarafan.

Into the cage

A very effective and original outfit will turn out from a checkered product.

Ruffles sewn along the lower edge of the sleeves help to add charm to the general look.

For a walk

From bright smooth matter, you can sew an interesting model.

The decoration of this little thing is an unusual pocket, decorated with a bow.

Advice! For children's outfits made from father’s shirts, playing in contrast will be a wonderful decorative technique.

For example, if the main color of the product belongs to the pastel range, then it is better to use a fringing or decor with a bright, rich color.

How to sew a dress for a girl from a man’s shirt

Many mummies do not dare to start this work because of fear of complexity or inability. We propose to consider a couple of simple options for remaking a shirt or shirt in a little lady's dress. Repeat them can even mom with minimal experience.

Loose silhouette with a sleeve "flashlight"

The first option - a simple model of a free silhouette with a collar - "peasant woman", short sleeves-lanterns.

For work you need a shirt made of lightweight material . It does not have to be monophonic, a variegated version is also suitable.

Completing of the work

  • Cut off the top of the main part and the bottom of the sleeves from the shirt as shown in the photo.
  • Fold and sew the upper edge so that a drawer is formed for threading the ribbon.
  • Treat the open edge of the sleeve as well.
  • In the resulting wings, you can insert ribbons of a contrasting color and tie from the free ends of the bow. Alternatively, they’ll blow gum into them, and sew ribbon bows on top.


The second option is a festive, bright dress, it is also easy to manufacture.

For work, you will need a shirt in a bright cage, matching threads and a sewing machine.

Completing of the work

  1. Cut the bottom of the shirt to the hem.
  2. From the top we cut out a rectangular part for the upper part and two wide strips of the desired length for the straps.
  3. We chop the edges of the bodice.
  4. Picking up the top edge of the hem with a notched thread.
  5. On a sewing machine we connect the bodice and hem.
  6. We make straps. To do this, fold along each prepared strip with the front side inward. Stitch along the contour, while leaving one unstitched edge. We turn the workpiece open and sew along the contour. At the same time, we attach the straps to the front of the bodice.

    At the open edge of the strap, we form a welt loop.

  7. Sew buttons on the edge of the back of the bodice in the right place.
  8. We fasten the open edge of the strap on the button.

Attention! In this model, instead of a button for the straps, you can use a button-type fastener or two pieces of ribbon that will be tied with a bow on the shoulder.

So, dear mothers, sorting out a men's wardrobe, do not rush to throw out unnecessary things. Better please your daughter with a beautiful update!