How to turn a boring skirt into a summer sundress

In the hot summer, another light sundress will not be superfluous! But, unfortunately, buying a new thing is not always included in the plans. Do not despair! After all, you can please yourself with a novelty without unnecessary expenses. Just reconsider your wardrobe. There you will probably find a summer skirt that you have not worn for several seasons. We will need it to create a new sarafan!

Which skirt is suitable for remaking

Many models can be used. The main thing is that this thing meets several parameters:

  • you are not going to wear it;
  • it will provide a sufficient amount of material: light, flowing fabric or knitted fabric;
  • on the fabric there are no spots, holes or scuffs that can affect the appearance of the new thing.

Advice! Some models do not require rework. This is a maxi option with an elastic band that can be pulled up and used as a strapless sundress.

What will be needed for work

Alteration will require the following materials and tools:

  • sewing machine or needle for hand sewing;
  • threads in tone of the main material;
  • tailor pins;
  • scissors;
  • decorative elements: color braid, ribbons, lace, beads, beads, applique (optional).

Models of sundresses that can be sewn from a skirt

In the summer heat, a sundress becomes actual clothing. And a do-it-yourself outfit is able to attract attention and stand out from the crowd.

For beach

If you want to remake a boring motley skirt into a beach version, pay attention to this sample.

  1. First, cut a rectangular strip from the bottom equal in height to the length of the bodice.
  2. Twist the strip with a double turn in the center of the front and stitch to the top of the hem at the back.
  3. Sew thin straps to the top of the bodice.
  4. Chop the hem.


From a long skirt-sun, you can create such a model for everyday use.

To do this, it is enough to make two wide straps from the bottom and sew them to the top. At the same time, an elastic band can be inserted into the belt for better fixation.

Reference! This option is great for a pregnant woman. The free hem will not squeeze the stomach or cause inconvenience.


You can also make a light summer outfit from a pleated skirt.

To do this, it is enough to cut off the excess parts, sew in the right places, adding a neck.

With knitted bodice

Another model for craftswomen who know how to crochet.

First you need to pick up yarn . It can be the same color with the main canvas or contrasting colors.

Attention! If the fabric is colorful, choose plain yarn. If the fabric is monophonic, then you can choose colorful threads.

The bodice can be made according to one of the following schemes .

Next, the finished bodice is sewn to the skirt belt . If desired, hem hem can be decorated with knitted lace.

How to sew a sundress from a skirt with your own hands

Some needlewomen do not undertake to sew because of the fear of spoiling the purchased fabric. Creating a sundress from a skirt will allow them not only to please themselves with a new thing, but also to practice sewing.

How to remake a long pleated skirt

For work, you will additionally need a small flap of fabric of a contrasting color to make the upper part or clothing with a suitable top (blouse, shirt).

Completing of the work

  1. Cut out the coquette, collar and belt from additional material or carefully separate the necessary details from the prepared clothes.
  2. Sew the top.
  3. Connect the upper workpiece to the skirt belt.
  4. With a few stitches, lock the band on the connection line.

Stylish outfit is ready!

How to sew a sundress with a denim bodice

Each woman in the wardrobe has a pair of jeans, the material of which at the top is still quite strong, and the trouser legs are already worn out. It is such a sample that is useful for making a stylish update.

Completing of the work

  1. Cut out the bodice of jeans as shown in the photo.
  2. The edges can be edged with an oblique trim or tucked and hemmed carefully.
  3. Carefully cut off the belt from the skirt and sew the hem to the belt of the upper part.
  4. As a decor, you can thread a bright ribbon, silk scarf or a beautiful strap into the belt loops.

You are convinced that it is not necessary to throw out a skirt that is bored or out of fashion. It is better to use it as the basis for a stylish new thing that will make your summer brighter!