How to tie your hair beautifully, than?

In the summer, when the hats are postponed until the next winter, I never want to decorate my hair with a fashion accessory. He perfectly refreshes the image and adds some zest to it. An interesting bandage will allow you not to spend a lot of time creating complex curls or braids. In just a couple of minutes, you can turn loose hair into a sophisticated hairstyle. Read about the best dressings in the article.

How to tie hair? Fashion options

In addition to the fact that accessories perfectly help to diversify the appearance, they also have many other useful functions. For example, the bandage holds the hair perfectly, is an indispensable attribute of certain styles . Consider several relevant options in the coming season.

With fabric scarf

There are a lot of ways to tie a scarf on your head. It all depends on its size and how much you want to cover your head . We are ready to offer several options:

  • turban or turban. To create this intricate headgear, you will need a long, long woven scarf or stole. There is no single rule on how to tie a turban. It is necessary to wrap the head with a cloth, and twist the ends several times around it and firmly fix it. By the way, if you choose a warmer scarf, then such a hat can also be built in the cold season ;
  • scarf figure eight. In this case, take a scarf and twist it in front, so that it looks like the number 8. Tie this beauty to your hair and fasten it with a knot in the back;
  • The last option is to tie the scarf freely. The hit of the season is a bandage on the tail or braid, so that the free ends of the scarf flutter in the wind.

With a scarf

An integral attribute of the pin-up or hippie style is the bandage from the scarf. Ideally, you need to take a square scarf and roll it into a narrow or wide bandage as follows:

  • fold the square diagonally into a triangle;
  • gently wrap the triangle in a strip of the width you need.

Then it all depends on your imagination. The most common option is to wrap the resulting bandage around the head and tie a knot or bow on the crown or slightly side . Some tie a handkerchief with a bundle back - this option looks no less impressive.

A similar bandage can be built from a rectangular lightweight scarf. With him, perhaps, there are even more options: you can not only wrap it around your head, but also long ends to weave into braids . A “basket” of hair with a bright thin scarf woven into a braid looks beautiful and summer-like.

With fabric bandage

What cloth dressings you will not find in stores these days! They can be absolutely different widths and styles, from various materials. The main difference between a fabric dressing and a headscarf is that it is sold immediately ready-made, so you won’t need to spend precious time tying it around your head beautifully.

With a rim with rhinestones or stones

A bandage decorated with rhinestones or stones is suitable for the evening dress. It can be made either in the form of a rim or with an elastic band on the back, which ensures fixation of the hairstyle throughout the event.

Advice! Wear the bezel only to a simple but elegant dress. If the outfit itself is already richly decorated with sequins or rhinestones, then the decoration on the head may look too elaborate.

With elastic bandage

Many ready-made accessories have a convenient and reliable mount - an elastic band. She perfectly holds her hair, sets her “the right direction”. Sports models are worn over the collected hair so that individual strands do not come out and interfere with active movements. Other models are equipped with an elastic band only in the back, due to which the front it seems that you just put on a scarf. In fact, a comfortable elastic is sewn into the fabric.

Another type of decoration on an elastic band is as follows: in the back, the bandage is equipped with a thin elastic band to match the color of the hair, and in front it looks like an elegant diadem or rim. Similar models are often used to create elegant hairstyles for prom, wedding or other special occasion.

With jasmine

Jasmine is sewn from light knitted fabric - an ornament on the head with a characteristic twisted center . It is most beautiful to put it on top of her loose hair. An uncomplicated, but aesthetic accessory will attract the attention of weapons and will indicate your beautiful sense of style.

With flower arrangements

One of the most romantic and summer models is presented in the form of a garland (wreath) of flowers. Usually decorative flowers from different materials (plastic, ribbons, knitted jewelry) are attached to the ribbon. Such a model looks ideal with a light summer dress or sundress, a delicate flying blouse or tunic.

Important! Some craftsmen manage to decorate a homemade dressing with fresh flowers. We advise you not to waste time and effort and buy or make a bandage with artificial flowers. This will not harm nature in any way, and the finished version will serve you for several years. Although it is difficult to argue that a wreath of wildflowers in the summer looks very romantic.

With tape

An alternative to a scarf or scarf can be a regular nylon or satin ribbon . It does not need to be minimized. All that is needed is to tie nicely around the head or weave the ends into a hairstyle. In the store you can find not only plain ribbons, but also with a beautiful print, for example, polka dots. Therefore, every beauty will be able to find a suitable option for herself.