How to tie a towel on your head?

Always after taking a shower, your hair is wet. Especially long hair girls and women try to wrap in a towel. Thus, they dry faster, will not interfere, which will prevent a cold in winter. Consider the two easiest methods to tie a towel on your head after a shower . It only takes a couple of minutes.

A few ways to tie a towel on your head after a shower

1 way with a big towel

  • It is necessary to lean forward so that wet hair falls down.
  • It is necessary to comb the hair, thereby avoiding tangling.
  • Wrapping a little behind the ears, then wrap a large terry towel around all the hair.
  • Turn the tip of the product back, you can fix it with a hairpin. And if the “tail” turned out to be very long, it’s convenient to tuck it under the towel.

2 way to long hair

Here you will also need a large towel:

  • Comb back all strands of hair, cover them with a soft towel so that the long end is near the face.
  • We start 1 tip of a towel under wet locks, we connect with the second tip.
  • Twist it in one direction, and leave it so behind.

Korean way to make a sauna cap from a towel

Many viewers love Korean TV shows, where in saunas they wear original hats on their heads from towels. There is another name for the product - “ lamb horns ”. They just look charming on the heads of the heroes of the movie series, because we will figure out how to tie them yourself.

Take a small towel, smooth it horizontally.

First you need to fold it in length to get 3 equal layers.

The edges should be turned out on both sides.

Due to the number of turns you can adjust the size of the caps for the sauna.

Hair Towel Tips

There are several recommendations that will help you navigate the huge assortment of shower accessories:

  • If you take a towel made of light fabric, it will not be heavy.
  • You should not spin the towel very tightly so as not to provoke a headache.
  • With a short haircut, it is better to use a small product.
  • Wet strands are more brittle than dry ones, so do not use force when twisting.

Whoever gets tired of constantly wrapping towels with hair after a shower or washing their hair, there are ready-made terry hats of various colors.

Terry cloth is also sewn with special elongated hats with a buttonhole at the back. They are twisted like a small towel, and the “tail” on the back is fastened with a button.