How to tie a scarf on a dress

A scarf and a neckerchief are indispensable stylish accessories, which should be in abundance in any women's wardrobe. In the cold season, they can protect against frost, in the warmer months - from scorching ultraviolet radiation. They also emphasize the sense of style of the hostess of the thing, attract the views of others to a stylish image.

Even a scarf tied to a regular knot can radically change the appearance of a woman. And if you learn how to drape it beautifully on a dress, you can achieve a truly original and unusual result.

How to tie a scarf on a dress

Dresses are considered the most feminine thing in ladies' wardrobe. Almost every girl has them. Simple models can easily be decorated with stylish scarves or neckerchiefs. In cold weather, they protect against drafts, and in the summer they simply add elegance.

There are several popular ways to tie a scarf around the neck, we will talk about them.


With the help of a knot and twisting crosswise, you can achieve perfect drapery. The long ends of the scarf are thrown over the neck, tying the very edges of the product into a knot. Then the scarf floors are crossed and thrown over the head again.

On the neck receives a large "collar", which is able to effectively complement a knitted dress or sundress in the cold season.

Boho style

A bright printed scarf is tied over the dress with a simple but very beautiful knot. He is tied around his neck, leaving the edges to go down over his shoulders and chest.

Then they are tied in a knot and hidden under a loop of a scarf around the neck, the free edges still remain to descend along the front of the case.


A scarf in a free city bow can simply be thrown over your shoulders, leaving the edges hanging freely over your shoulders. And also it is possible to tie a simple volume knot on a neck.

A free cut dress will receive an additional bright accent.

Double turn

The “clamp” is thrown over the neck, then the free edges are crossed twice and again thrown over the neck.

The knot is very distinctive and unusual.


The product is twisted around the neck, leaving one end slightly smaller than the other. The long free edge is wrapped around the neck again and tucked in for the loop formed on the neck. The second free edge is released on the shoulder. The scarf originally complements romantic images with delicate, light dresses .

Important! Each girl can tie a scarf in completely different ways, even if she does everything according to previously learned technology.

You can turn on your own imagination and come up with original nodes yourself.

How to tie a scarf on a dress beautifully

The scarf is also able to complement any image in an original way. Thanks to the layering, the dress will look more interesting, and the image will look fresh and laid-back.


Having formed a triangle, the free ends are thrown onto the chest and tied into a knot. It is important that the scarf covers his shoulders, skillfully draping the neckline.

Using this method, you can hide a too deep neckline.


A large scarf is put around the neck, one free edge on the chest should be shorter than the second. Then the edge that is tied longer to short and drape the matter on the chest.

This option is perfect for winter knitted dresses, beautifully diversifying them.

Cowboy knot

The scarf is thrown to the neck in front, passing the free edges under the hair and again releasing them on the chest. Here they tie it into a knot and drape it into fabric.

This is a great option to give the image an individuality, originally complements the business style with a sheath dress.


A small scarf tied around a neck is tied around a neck. This is ideal for dresses with a high neck and long sleeves. He also looks good on open summer dresses without a sleeve.

Important! For summer models of dresses, it is better to choose products of light texture, flying and simple. In winter, pay attention to knitted or voluminous woolen shawls.

Useful tips for choosing a scarf or scarf for a dress

  • A correctly selected neck accessory can decorate the image with the dress no worse than stylish accessories or jewelry. If a girl knows how to skillfully drape fabric on her chest, then the set will turn out to be fresh and unusual.
  • Stylists argue that a light summer scarf or scarf can be a decoration even for an evening outfit . Simply twist it into a tourniquet and tie it with a simple knot around the neck. It will help to give individuality to the image and emphasize the sense of style of the girl.
  • It should be borne in mind that color and bright models beautifully set off clothes that are designed in monochrome shades .
  • Girls with curvaceous forms need to select fairly dense fabrics and textures, but not bulky items . Such scarves and scarves can make the image even heavier.

The main thing to remember is that the selected product must be combined with at least one or more elements of the selected onion. Only in this way will the set look harmonious and stylish.