How to tie a scarf on a coat beautifully

Scarves are one of the favorite things in the wardrobe of many women. There are a wide variety of ways to tie and combine with clothes. There is an opportunity to be creative and boldly experiment.

Scarf on a coat - features of styles

A distinctive feature of scarves is their diversity. After all, even if the other person is exactly the same, then in most cases he will be tied up in a completely different way. The combination of this accessory with a coat gives a win-win option for clothes in the off-season. In addition to its beauty, it can also be warm, warming in the cold season. Scarves come in many forms. Each of which has its own ways of wearing. Choosing a scarf under a coat, you can use completely different models.

IMPORTANT. One of the priority factors of choice is personal preference, since in the first place, a thing should be liked and comfortable.

For coat with stand collar

In this case, it all depends on the shape and size of the collar. The accessory missing under the collar looks beautiful. This so-called cowboy knot is one of the easiest ways to tie this thing up. A square-shaped scarf is folded diagonally, making it a triangular shape. The ends are sent behind the neck, and the sharp part is laid on the chest. Wrap around the neck usually once or twice. With the help of a flip unit, the tips are easily tucked under the scarf. The hanging ends are best designed in a light knot.

For a coat with a lapel

With this type of clothing, the following method looks beautiful. Use both a large long scarf up to 150 cm long and 60 cm wide, and a small one with a side of 150 cm. In the latter case, it must be folded in half until a rectangle is formed. Then they are covered with shoulders, and tied in a knot in front. You can also move to any shoulder.

For a coat without a collar

This combination looks very stylish and elegant. It is desirable that it be at least a meter in length. They put it on the neck so that the length of the free ends is the same and that they are in front. Next, one end is wrapped around the neck and knotted in front. The node, in turn, is straightened. It should be as even as possible. And then they hide it under a coil. The creases at the loose ends must be aligned.

ATTENTION. The second method is in demand by those who do not like shawls developing in the wind. To do this, wrap it around the neck and align the tips. It is better and more convenient for the knot to be located closer to their ends. The resulting clamp is twisted with an eight and passed through the head so that the knot is at the back. In front you can lay out a beautiful wave, and hide the knot in the back.

Most popular ways

Modern fashionistas like to not only effectively select color combinations and images, but also skillfully apply them.

How to tie a Pavloposad shawl

Pavloposad shawls are gaining popularity in the fashion industry. They usually cover his head, and also hang it on his neck, tying it in a large knot. The easiest way to carry such a thing on your shoulders. You can tie it into a knot both front and side or back. Appearing sweets form a spectacular pattern. It will also look beautiful when a diagonally folded handkerchief is placed on the chest, and the ends are wound around the neck and beautifully straightened, they are brought out to the chest.

REFERENCE. There are fans who fold the scarf several times and wear them as a simple scarf. Fringes and edges can be located in different directions, creating an even larger volume.

How to tie a scarf around the neck on a coat

A beautifully tied scarf can adorn the neck. To do this, you need to fold it together with diagonal lines, then you get a triangle. Then turn over and gently fold in half, and then again in half to make a strip. Wrap it around the collar once, twisting the loose ends of the bow. A knot in the shape of a rose can turn out if you tie a bow several times. This is a fairly convenient and quick solution.

Effective ways

Such a thing, tied on a belt, also looks spectacular and trendy. It is necessary to throw it around the neck so that one end hangs to the bottom of the clothes, and the other is slightly below the waist. It can also be sealed using a brooch or other jewelry. They throw it over the neck and make a light knot, the ends of which are cleaved, for example, with a vintage brooch.

Thus, you can see in practice that there are a huge number of options for combining a coat and scarf. We hope that this article will help to start bold experiments on thinking through an unusual image.