How to tie a neckerchief to a man under a shirt

Modern men are trying their best to keep up to date and looks stylish and relevant. One of the sought after fashion accessories is a neckerchief. They are so universal that they can simultaneously emphasize the individuality of a man, his unique sense of taste and transform the whole image as a whole.

Methods of tying men's scarves around the neck, depending on the type of product

There are several popular ways to tie this accessory in different ways. The choice of methodology directly depends on the product itself. They can be of such types:

  • ascot;
  • case;
  • plastron.

Ascot type goes well with jackets, as well as shirts and vests. Tie it up is not a big deal.

The first thing to do is hang on your neck so that both ends are at the same level. Next, you need to take one edge and throw it over the second. After this, the ascot should be leveled. After this, the edges must be carefully tucked into the shirt. Your image is ready.

The type of case is similar to an ordinary scarf, but the ways of wearing it are very diverse. It can simply be thrown several times over the neck or a small knot tied around the chest.

Plastron is a method of tying in which a man hides not only his neck, but also his chest. Often they are used for weddings.

Popular ways to tie men's neck scarves

At present, you can tie neck scarves in a variety of ways, ranging from classic ascot type to your own visions. It all depends on the mood, type and dress of the man. The most popular way is tying ascot type.

How to tie a man’s scarf around his neck, depending on the style of the dress or theme of the event

Those men who prefer the classics in clothes should pick up warm plain materials. Selection is carried out by color and style. If we talk about the wedding, then the best option would be a cartridge, if about a business lunch or a trip to work - then you can tie it up like a classic tie.

For lovers of freedom, a simple wearing in the style of a drift is suitable (when he just sashes around his neck).

How to neatly and originally tie a man’s neckerchief under a shirt

Here are some interesting ways to tie a neckerchief to a man.

The method of tying under the shirt

Variety of nodes

Ways to tie men's neck scarves for a casual look

To create an image for every day, you can tie a neckerchief not on the shirt collar, but on a bare neck with an acot knot, or use the design in the form of a case for casual style. What is the best way to tie a scarf around a man’s neck if a visit to a gala event is to be held. An original and at the same time a wonderful solution would be a tie in the form of a tie. Ascot type will look good, but unusual. If you want to attract attention, then this is your option.

What are the criteria for choosing a neckerchief for a men's outfit?

  1. He must emphasize the created image.
  2. Do not overdo it with a variety of colors, this can make you look like a parrot.
  3. An ideal option would be shawls that match the overall appearance of a man.

What cloths are most easily tied

As a rule, it is easiest to tie such an accessory from silk. They are distinguished by their structure and presentable appearance. It is good to tie cotton or wool. In this case, you can keep warm in inclement weather.

Wear them with pleasure and claim the enthusiastic looks of women to your unusual and courageous nature with men's neck scarves.