How to tie a knot on a towel?

Tie a knot is an old ritual that has been interpreted differently. For example, some people tied a knot and always kept a towel in the house in this form - this served as some home amulet that protected the room from evil spirits and negative energy . Some also tied a knot in front of some important business. It is important to silently tie a towel and hide it so that no one can see, after which you can safely go about business, and when you return, untie the knot.

Important! In these rituals, only a towel made of natural fabrics is always used. It is better not to use any synthetics and other materials - the ritual will not work, but maybe vice versa, work in the negative direction. Also, a towel cannot be used in everyday life, it can be used henceforth only for the corresponding rite.

How to do it right

According to ancient legends, the type of node is absolutely not important if a person plans to conduct a protective ritual, the most important thing is the process. In fact, the whole point lies in some magical mystery. Nobody should know about the process itself - the towel should be securely hidden from prying eyes .

Perhaps this is done to avoid evil tongues and condemnation from non-superstitious people, or it was done so that the evil spirits could not find a towel and untie a knot. You can find information that when tying a knot you need to whisper various spells, but this is not confirmed.

The best decision would be to silently tie a knot and try to lay a piece of your energy in it.

Rite features

As already mentioned, there are many meanings of such a rite; it was used by many peoples of the world. Basically, of course, the knots were tied up by the Slavs. Also, a similar ritual was performed by the Egyptians at the funeral of loved ones. After the funeral of the Orthodox, the reader was presented with a towel on which the Psalter lay. After a person was buried, the tissue was torn and given to the poor.

In the modern world, this custom has taken on the significance of some New Year’s rite. The second of January marks the day of St. Ignatius the God-bearer. It is on this day that it is customary to knit knots - it is believed that in this way you can attract happiness and success in the coming year. You can also cast some spells, examples of which are mass. However, this is completely discouraged, it is better to do everything silently.